How Victim Mentality Is Ruining Your Bank Account

Victim mentality perpetuates more and more lack that we all don’t want. But how exactly can this prevent your bank account from growing too? Watch this video as Shamina shares how the victim mentality is ruining your bank account and how when you uncover that you’re the problem, you are also the #1 solution to the victim mentality running your life.

When you flip anything around to take accountability and responsibility on your own terms, you’ll find that you become the solution to every issue in your world.

This reinforces change and brings you into better alignment when you internalize how to navigate all your issues instead of pointing fingers and blaming the outside world and people in your sphere.

Understanding that blaming the external is just a mechanism to protect yourself can be a major turning point in how you navigate problems in your world. And this video will help with just that!

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Podcast Ep. 36 Not Everyone Is Created Equal

In this episode, we talk about self-accountability because if you are the problem you are also the solution. 

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The Power of Love. Why we need to let love flow through us to live our best life.

The power of love…

What does that mean for you?

Love is everything. Yet so many people fear it. They run from it. They stop themselves from feeling it. Why?

The fear…if I love you, I give you the power to hurt me. We are always protecting our egos by not letting love in. But our souls are made of love. It’s our natural state. It’s the secret to our abundance, wealth and health.

Love is flow, high vibrational energy. It just feels so good. And it fuels our desires, calling in our dream life.

Yet we run from it. We run from the magic that we are created with.

We want guarantees…If I give you parts of my heart, will you protect it? Can you guarantee you won’t hurt me?

But there are no guarantee things will end up how you desire but you have go for it. Dream big. Take the leap. Be all in with every part of your life. Including love.

I know you’ve suppressed feeling anything for God knows how long. You’ve protected your heart from the hurt but also from the magic of your soul. So life has been more hustle than flow.

But I know you want to feel love. You crave the connection. The chemistry. The bond. That person. But you don’t want to get hurt. So you keep your guard up. But you’re running from the very thing that can make your life outstanding.

And the #Universe, it just sees resistance in your energy. Blocked emotions that keep you from really feeling, creates stagnant energy and you create roadblocks on your journey. Nothing good will flow through you long. It affects your ability to manifest everything, including money and success.

The successful ones know there’s no safety net. You have to be all in. You can’t be afraid to feel, because failure, pain, the hurt is all part of being a passionate person creating a successful life filled with everything you desire.

The beauty of a successful sacred heart is that your desires become infused with love and your energy is backed with love. You then become a magnet for #miracles, by letting love flow through your soul. Everything you desire shows up.

Remember the love you feel….this love is yours to keep forever.No one can take your love away.As your soul is fueled by the power of #love ❤