How Victim Mentality Is Ruining Your Bank Account

Victim mentality perpetuates more and more lack that we all don’t want. But how exactly can this prevent your bank account from growing too? Watch this video as Shamina shares how the victim mentality is ruining your bank account and how when you uncover that you’re the problem, you are also the #1 solution to the victim mentality running your life.

When you flip anything around to take accountability and responsibility on your own terms, you’ll find that you become the solution to every issue in your world.

This reinforces change and brings you into better alignment when you internalize how to navigate all your issues instead of pointing fingers and blaming the outside world and people in your sphere.

Understanding that blaming the external is just a mechanism to protect yourself can be a major turning point in how you navigate problems in your world. And this video will help with just that!

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