Wealth Consciousness

Do this NOW to successfully start your business and avoid any pitfalls

Here are some things I figured out along the way on what to avoid to start a successful business. If you’re running your business in survival mode, this video will help you with what works and what doesn’t.

I have managed to quantum leap my business with the basics shared in this video – it has everything you need to know to start a successful business and avoid unnecessary pitfalls that keep you and your business stuck.

00:00 – Intro
00:50 – Where Many People Are At
03:30 – Where The Disconnect Happens
05:08 – Creating A Clear Plan
09:48 – Do You Really Need A Back-end System?
11:20 – Your Clients Need A Result

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Shifting From A Scarcity To Abundant Mindset

Where are you at right now with your mindset on abundance? Do you feel that you need some more work on shifting from a scarcity to an abundant mindset? Watch this video to understand what it means to start shifting from a scarcity and lack mindset around the material world (also navigating the beliefs we’ve always grown up with) and switching it from a lack to an abundant mindset.

Having an abundant mindset can be easy once you identify the beliefs that can catapult you shifting from a scarcity one. Once you have the awareness, the only thing you need to do is start taking action differently!

00:00 – Intro
00:46 – Where Is Your Scarcity Showing Up
03:06 – Feeling Safe With Money
06:03 – Identifying Scarcity In Others
09:03 – What To Do To Have A Shift In Thinking
12:02 – When The Switching Happens
14:37 – Abundance Thinking Defined
16:45 – Scarcity Is Not Thriving, It’s Surviving

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How I Created A Multi-Million-Dollar Brand

In the earlier days of my spiritual awakening, the words spiritual and millionaire were never in the same sentence. My story and what I had attached to it, however, is when things started changing for me when I eventually trusted my calling to go and start a business.

I then ventured off into my calling and I became a spiritual millionaire mentoring the person out there who was in a place where I was and wanted to know how to create a multi-million dollar brand from literally nothing. So, in this video you’re going to hear about my story, how I became a spiritual millionaire, and how I created a multi-million dollar brand after a divorce as a single mom.

Hang tight, and grab your popcorn because this is a story worth hearing. I had to find my calling and trust that I could take this entrepreneurial advice from someone who had to find her way to create a successfully thriving business, the mindset, and affirmations that it took as well as the secrets and the power of mentorship as you’re reaching higher levels.

00:00 – Intro
01:19 – The Conscious Frequency
01:36 – My Spiritual Awakening
04:26 – When I Cracked Open
06:08 – The Big Release
08:54 – Living in Survival Mode
10:21 – Waking Up To The Calling
16:28 – My Story!
23:46 – Your Mess = Your Message

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Money Is Energy Explained (How Money And The MASCULINE Are Linked)

(Watch the full video on YouTube) Money is energy EXPLAINED! In this episode, Shamina shares how much meaning we give to money when in reality, all it is is energy. There are different ways to look at this and one could be how money and the masculine are linked.

When we thing about how we look at the masculine for safety, the same can be seen with money. When you learn how to master this concept you can become a master at creating and alchemising how wealth comes into your life.

00:00 – Intro
01:42 – Money Is Similar To The Masculine Energy (Concept)
03:40 – How We Look To Money For Safety
05:55 – Money Is More Emotional Than We Realize
09:55 – Hustle Mode And What It Really Means
13:16 – What Takes Up Energetic Space
15:55 – Reinstating Supportive Money Beliefs
17:07 – When I Realised I Figured Something Out

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Podcast Ep 57. How People Pleasing & Perfectionism Affect Your Wealth Consciousness

In this episode, we talk about the concept of people-pleasing and its connection to a scarcity mindset, which hinders the abundance you desire to receive. 

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I Had My First Six Figure Month Using Abundance Mindset Techniques

In this video, Shamina goes into how “I Had My First Six Figure Month Using Abundance Mindset Techniques”. All of us have probably thought somewhere along the lines that to have an “abundance mindset”, all you need to do is “write down this affirmation a 100 times and you’re good right?” But this is actually the farthest thing from something that will truly work for you.

So many of us have been preconditioned with a mindset that is not rooted in abundance because we’ve been taught to fear what we lack. Shamina Taylor unpacks how she used abundance mindset techniques to not only change her life but to start earning super high cash figure months by focusing on her mindset to be the magnet to attract it all.

Click through to watch the full video.