One Day, Everything

January 9, 2013. I’m doing yoga - for the third time ever...

The local news is filming my friend’s yoga class, and I’m directly in front of the camera, looking super cute in my Lululemon outfit.

Some pretzel-like move puts my legs and hips extended beyond my comfort meter, and the pain shooting from my hip is unbearable! But I’m too competitive to break the pose.

Meanwhile, my friend, the yogi is asking us questions; “Are you living your life to the fullest? Are you making the most of your one precious life?”

I’m in unbearable pain, but at the same moment, 
I start questioning my entire life.

Am I Happy?
Am I living My Best Life?

Or am I living every day over and over on a spinning wheel?

My life was seemingly perfect. I was a successful attorney. Married with two wonderful kids. Dreamhouse and dreamy vacations.

My Facebook perfect life is flashing before me on my yoga mat as the pain in my hip is getting worse, and I’m not sure what to do since I’m on camera.

Then, in a moment that forever changed my life…

I start crying uncontrollably. Straight up ugly crying 
on this spongy thing that was keeping my face off 
the ground. Snot going everywhere.

I forget where I am. I forget I am on TV. 
Zero control of my emotions. 
A complete meltdown.

The physical pain subsides, but it is replaced by 
a river of tears.

I just lay there and let myself feel it all. A massive release of emotions and pain leaves my body.

When I come to, the class is over. I can’t feel my legs or hips. I lift my head and wipe my nose.

I realize that I’d been asleep to the truth of my life. I had everything, yet I didn’t have what my soul
was seeking.

I left the yoga studio knowing something
had to change.

I couldn’t go back from that moment.

I started with a long honest talk with my husband – something we hadn’t done for years. We admitted we were both unhappy. A month later, by our mutual decision, he moved out. We thought it might be temporary, but he never moved home again.

I went to psychics, asking them what I should do. One told me my third eye was closed. I had no idea what that was, but I knew I needed to do something about it! So, I found a healer.

And my journey to healing began.

I was awakening something within me, a part of me
I didn’t know even existed.

I spent the next 3+ years in what I call monk mode.

I withdrew completely from the outside world.
Cocooned to start all over again.

I was celibate for three years. I detached from material wealth, took off all my jewelry, and wore rose quartz beads. Lived simply. And let my legal practice die.


It led me to spiritual teachings and lessons. Wayne Dyer.
Dr. Joe Dispenza. Eckhart Tolle. A Kundalini awakening. 

Each a layer of healing.

I was healing from deep childhood trauma. I was brutally beaten to an inch of my life at 15 by a family member. The woman I was in the yoga studio wasn’t living; she was surviving, she was stuffing her pain, she was emotionally armored head to toe.

And she was asleep to her giant potential.

For eight years, I made transforming from the inside out – mastering myself, my emotions – my life’s work.

I learned to embody the woman I had healed and revealed to myself.

I learned to let her be. I awakened to the feminine divineness inside of me, the one who could create by alignment, not hustle.

In 2019, wanting to share what I’d learned with women, I launched my first manifestation program. Eighteen people joined from my FB and IG. The impact on the participants was tremendous.

But I was still holding back on one thing – fearing all parts of my old life, for seven years, I’d suppressed the part of me who could create wealth.

I was ready to reclaim my whole self.
And so, in 2020, knowing fully that this was my purpose,

I Allowed Myself To Be The Woman That Showed Other Women How To Live, How To Have It All.

Finally, I was wholly me, and my vibration
unlocked my magnetism.

I ended 2021 having made a million dollars cash in 11 months. I celebrated my year by taking my kids and mother to Cancun for 18 days. We flew first class and stayed at the top resorts. I shopped in luxury stores and bought whatever I desired without looking at the price tag. I got massages and facials for everyone! I swam with dolphins.

Took my entire flew my kids and extended family 6 of us, to Cancun for two weeks, flew first cash, stayed at top resorts.

I thank my guides for bringing me to that yoga mat eight years ago. I knew something deeper was calling to me, but I needed help to get there. I’m already beyond what the old me could dream, but I know I am just beginning because my vision keeps expanding by the minute!

I thank my guides for bringing me to that yoga mat eight years ago. I knew something deeper was calling to me, but I needed help to get there. I’m already beyond what the old me could dream, but I know I am just beginning because my vision keeps expanding by the minute!


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