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Delegation Daunting You?

Original Post: Shamina Taylor Facebook

I remember one thing that stuck with me from the one and only UPW Tony Robbins event I attended back in 2016, he said one of the key pillars to success is delegation.

Knowing how to do this can change the success and longevity of your business.

I am here to say he is right.

You knowing what your zone of genius is and knowing when to ask for support and LET PEOPLE support you will change everything.

The women I mentor don’t always have the easiest time finding their dream support team.

They have a hard time trusting the support will always be there. So they are very careful how much they let them help or how much they will let themselves depend on that help for fear it could up and leave.

They are sometimes convinced, good help is hard to find…

I can’t find the right help.

I can’t trust people to help me.

Or why hire help?

When I can do it faster myself.

One issue with highly successful women I mentor is they think they are superwoman and yes in many ways they are.

But they have a hard time letting go and trusting people will be there for them. There is also a lack mindset on spending money on support too (this is for another post).

They end up having:

High team turnovers.

Micromanaging people.

Frustration and resentment because they aren’t supported.

Exhausted from doing WAY too much in their business because it is easier and faster (according to them).

They like things their way.

They like to control everything.

They are perfectionists and people don’t ever do it like them.

For the first year of my business, I did have a hard time letting someone in and letting myself receive support. It was so foreign to me.

I didn’t understand why until I did.

It honestly never felt safe to receive help, even when I was PAYING FOR IT. I had an abandonment wound show up there. And a feminine wound self sacrificing myself all the time and not knowing it was safe to receive help.

Then when I got clear what kind of help I needed, I found my unicorn team member and I remember I subconsciously was always secretly waiting for her to leave. It was still scary!

So I kept paying her more. I didn’t also want to give her too much to do. Every time she would reassure me she loved supporting me and wasn’t going anywhere.

I didn’t know what it felt like to fully be supported because to be honest I had been in my wounded masculine doing bad all by myself everywhere in my life. And as a single mama you are wearing every single hat.

Letting my guard down and letting someone help me was one of the biggest game changers for me growing as a leader and business owner.

I finally felt safe to really be supported and receive help. And it changed how I showed up.

I learned to delegate. Like a boss!

And started hiring more aligned team members.

Then I also knew when to let people go. Because another thing we do is keep misaligned people in our company for way too long because of that need to struggle through things and that abandonment wound (insert familiar toxic cycles we know and endure).

You get to be supported fully.

You get to find your unicorn loyal team members who are there to support you and your mission and vision.

Without support you cannot go very far.

With a team you can do so much.

Don’t limit yourself.

You get to delegate.

You get to be supported.

You have a big impact to make!

This also allows you to enjoy that time and location freedom. Knowing your business is taken care of when you’re gone.

And caveat you don’t need a huge team (because we want a profit driven business too). Find a team who will love your mission as much as you do. Ones who care deeply for the cause.

Want to be an Influencer? What is holding you back? What steps can you take to show up!

Want to be an influencer? You need to tap into that confidence?

Knowing you want to be successful because you have a mission or goal isn’t enough anymore. You need to take action.

If you don’t do something with that gift then it’s just ‘I could have been this.’ ‘I could have done that.’ But ‘I didn’t.’ Instead it will be, I watched every one else do it but me!

You want to influence the masses, teach them about your gifts? Purpose work? Create content to sell to them? Well it’s going to take digging into that confidence.

The ones that you see are doing it may not be the most gifted but they are the most confident in themselves, in their beliefs and they show up!

And because they show up daily with their messaging and selling they have become the most influential leaders. The go to people.

You can’t sell any one anything if they don’t believe you already believe in yourself. And if you’re hiding. Well that’s near impossible to influence right?

Confidence comes from a deep belief and love for yourself. It comes from focusing on you and what you came here to do.

It comes from not needing any outside validation or approval to say hey you’re good enough. Because you just know you are. So you act. You act now. Not tomorrow.

You learn to shut out any exterior noise that tells you, you’re not good enough or not worthy enough. Or crazy to pursue this dream. Because you know ‘I’m the shit.’ No one is stopping me!

Because you’ve had that talk with fear. You told fear there’s no room here for both of you. You can’t survive here. You’ve decided you’re only available for success, influencing, winning and becoming wealthy AF!

When you get there baby, that’s the full flow. Then there’s no turning off that magic!

Everyday you get lost ask ‘I’m I choosing myself or my bullshit story why I can’t?’ Because you can’t have both. So time to get out of your own way and show up like the boss you know you are ?

Allow yourself to feel it all.

Feeling every emotion as it comes will lead you to your success.

What if we decided our feelings meant something. They weren’t something to be ashamed over. It wasn’t a weakness. But it was real. Things we felt deep in our souls.

What if it was ok to be mess. To be in pain and to feel it. Let it pass through us instead of pretending we didn’t feel and letting the pain stay stuck within us. What if it wasn’t all considered a weakness? But a strength to feel the discomfort.

Why are we acting so tough?

What good does that do for us?

It only protects our ego. Because it doesn’t nurture our hearts and souls. It keeps us stuck. In a battle we aren’t winning.

We are so afraid to love or show love and that’s what we are made of, pure love. And it’s ironic. As much as we try to fight what we feel with our minds and our preconceived ideas of what must be, we end up feeling anyway. Even if we think we have it under control we don’t.

Even if we try to halt those emotions. They are still in play. Showing up in places we didn’t choose. Because everything we try to ignore or hide will always have a way of manifesting in some form with or without our knowing.

The feeling is the awareness and it is so crucial to us not letting the past affect us or our hold us back from what we truly know and want to do in this life.

So what if we just allowed ourselves to feel….anything we need to because it’s what we need to feel.

If it’s love. Feel it. It will heal you. Make you happy. It won’t hurt you. An emotion so pure as that, is what we live for.

If it’s sadness and pain. Feel it. Let it pass. So you can empower yourself from the past and make room for more love to enter you❤️😘