If You Want To Be Wealthy, You Have To Cut Out Toxic People


In this video, Shamina shares her insight on the mindset shift and motivation you need to end that toxic relationship right now.

Shamina dives into toxic relationships and how it becomes difficult to end them because of the different attachment styles and fears that we start creating around ending relationships that do not serve us.

The mindset that we have around ending these relationships is typically that of someone who doesn’t think they’re capable of doing things on their own – but it’s so crucial to understand that even this is the result of having been in a toxic pattern or a toxic relationship with someone in your life.

The motivation you need to go through with it seems to not be there and the discomfort will continue to grow the longer you stay.

So watch this video right now if you need to better understand the mindset shift required and the motivation you need to finally put an end toxic relationships that do not serve you right now.

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00:00 – Intro
00:45 – Toxic Relationships: The #1 Excuse Stopping You From Ending It
02:08 – Toxic Relationships: It Could Be Anyone
04:32 – Toxic Relationships: Time To Access
07:48 – Toxic Relationships: Time Does Not Measure The Quality Of The Relationship
11:30 – Toxic Relationships: Create A List To Help You Become Unstuck


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