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How to Bend Time and Get Your Desires Faster (And Start QUANTUM LEAPING Right Now)

This video shares an alternative belief about how to bend time and get your desires faster. I hope this video expands your understanding of correct ways on how to bend time and how to remove the limitations that we put on ourselves around time – thinking that we have lots of time and that we can put it off until tomorrow.

When you eliminate the exhaustion around having to keep up with a rigid time frame when going after your desires, you shift into your bending time faster because you’re removing the labels that force you to be time-sensitive and stick to the regiments which then starts helping you collapse time which is equally similar to quantum leaping.

I always used to plan for what’s next and not really be present in the now because I was always caught up in what was going to happen in the future. This removes us from being connected to the quantum field and being in a field of infinite possibilities. People stuck in time are going to have a hard time letting go of this concept but the more you measure what you create within a set time frame, you’re putting a cap on your success and not allowing for the impossible to happen around your desires.

No more using time against yourself to get to your desires because you can bend time by leaving the “how” out of the story and trusting and being in intention with your time right now. It’s time to bend time and get to your desires FASTER so you can start QUANTUM LEAPING TODAY! Let’s go.

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00:00 – Intro
01:30 – Feeling like you don’t have enough time
03:15 – The feminine is the presence
06:04 – Some things are not meant to be on a clock
07:29 – Setting yourself up to fail based on timelines
10:38 – Timelines make predetermined room for disappointment