How Receiving Compliments Can Make You 100K A MONTH!!

In this video, Shamina dives into what it means to start accepting compliments and how something so small can unlock and entire world for you and unlock more wealth into world, potentially even 100K a month! A lot of us hear about receiving but MANY can’t even receive a compliment, so how can we start receiving the bigger things when we don’t know to receive something as small as this?

So Shamina dives into what that means to start accepting more into your world and how can you start taking the steps to understand why you’re blocked off from knowing how to master the art of receiving if you can’t even start with a compliment.

Shamina takes you through some of her personal life experiences on how she never really allowed herself to receive the help and support in her life, and how this is the exact same thing for many high-performing women out there.

Whether we want to believe it or not, receiving really affects the way we operate our businesses too.

Once you start doing this on a small scale more frequently, before you know it you’re open to receiving all the bigger things you want to start creating. So watch this video to uncover exactly how to master the art of receiving.

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00:00 – INTRO
00:20 – Accepting Compliments: What does it mean
01:12 – Accepting Compliments: How to overcome feelings of “weakness
03:29 – Accepting Compliments: How receiving affects your masculine and feminine mode
04:24 – Accepting Compliments: How to start allowing yourself to receive
06:38 – Accepting Compliments: Start allowing generosity into your world
08:38 – Accepting Compliments: Mantras to help you access your receiver mode

How To Best Market Your Messaging To Ideal Clients

In this video, Shamina takes you through the process of how to best market your messaging to your ideal clients. She also covers some key aspects to know about how your messaging to ideal clients will change as you elevate along your entrepreneurial journey.

This is a great how-to video if you need help with who your ideal client is as well. Because as you evolve, so does your ideal client. The best strategy to market to your ideal client is to use some of your story and your previous client results to state your authority.

While there are many ways to market your messaging, making sure you’re in alignment in your marketing strategies AND having clarity around who your ideal clients are will help this become such an enjoyable and easy process for yourself and your business.

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00:00 – Intro
00:43 – What is The Message and Why It’s so Important
01:10 – You Are The Blueprint For Your Life and Business (this affects your messaging)
02:25 – What Would You Love to Talk About All Day Long
03:36 – Get Back to Your Why
05:18 – Aks Your Audience For Clarity
07:01 – Look At Your Client Results

How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind To Attract More Money

Join Shamina in this video as she talks about what it really means to reprogram your subconscious mind to start attracting more money into your life using her breakdown of money mindset and becoming a magnet for it by understanding her concepts linked to the law of attraction and expectation. Having an abundance mindset looks different for every single person.

Maybe you had a different belief system around money that triggered your subconscious mind to not think too abundantly growing up. The good thing is that we are surrounded by information to help us reprogram this to align with more money. It all starts in having a better mindset around money and looking at what’s here now instead of whats missing.

The best way to initiate how to reprogram your subconscious mind for money is to allow yourself to take a deep look at what needs to change your perspective to focus on the abundance WHILE looking at what has not supported your mind for money from the past.

#howtoreprogramyoursubconsciousmins #mindformoney #yoursubconsciousmind #abundance #moneytriggered #moneymindset #abundantthinking

00:00 – Intro
01:04 – Your Current Beliefs Around Money
04:19 – Do You Really Feel That Money Will Run Out?
05:52 – Do You Feel Safe With Money?
07:36 – What if All Money was Money?
09:38 – What is Money Controlling in Your Life?

How to Bend Time and Get Your Desires Faster (And Start QUANTUM LEAPING Right Now)

This video shares an alternative belief about how to bend time and get your desires faster. I hope this video expands your understanding of correct ways on how to bend time and how to remove the limitations that we put on ourselves around time – thinking that we have lots of time and that we can put it off until tomorrow.

When you eliminate the exhaustion around having to keep up with a rigid time frame when going after your desires, you shift into your bending time faster because you’re removing the labels that force you to be time-sensitive and stick to the regiments which then starts helping you collapse time which is equally similar to quantum leaping.

I always used to plan for what’s next and not really be present in the now because I was always caught up in what was going to happen in the future. This removes us from being connected to the quantum field and being in a field of infinite possibilities. People stuck in time are going to have a hard time letting go of this concept but the more you measure what you create within a set time frame, you’re putting a cap on your success and not allowing for the impossible to happen around your desires.

No more using time against yourself to get to your desires because you can bend time by leaving the “how” out of the story and trusting and being in intention with your time right now. It’s time to bend time and get to your desires FASTER so you can start QUANTUM LEAPING TODAY! Let’s go.

#gettoyourdesiresfaster #bendtime #quantumleapingtime #getyourdesiresfaster #howtobendtimeandgetyourdesiresfaster #yourdesires #quantumleaping

00:00 – Intro
01:30 – Feeling like you don’t have enough time
03:15 – The feminine is the presence
06:04 – Some things are not meant to be on a clock
07:29 – Setting yourself up to fail based on timelines
10:38 – Timelines make predetermined room for disappointment

Convince Your Mind To Lead With Your Desires

What if you could convince your mind to lead with your desires, and then it all came true? Convincing your mind to believe a new reality is not as easy as it looks, especially if you don’t know what a desire, or how to fully lead with your desires too.

Watch this video as Shamina explains why your desires are such a powerful thing as it is a soul connection rather than a doing thing that’s more like a goal.

She shares some essential tools on how to start convincing your mind to lead with your desires and why it’s so important!

#howtoconvinceyourmindtodoanyhting #leadwithdesires #yourdesires #convincingyourmind #manifestation #quantumleaping

00:00 – Intro
00:30 – Are You Goal-Driven?
02:22 – What A Desire Really Is
06:26 – The Feeling Attached to a Desire
09:27 – What Happens When We Leat Desires Lead
13:13 – How to Trust Your Desires Leading
15:25 – Desires Are Magical

Be The Billionaire Before You Become The Billionaire with Elena Cardone

In this episode featuring Elena Cardone, she takes us on a journey of her upbringing, how she went off to pursue her acting/modeling career and being an independent woman who didn’t need any man by her side, to then manifesting Grant from this amazing list that she created when describing all the traits of the perfect guy.

Fast-forward to today, she takes us through the belief and mindset shift that had to happen for her to become the dream woman by that perfect guy’s side. The shift that needed to happen was that she had to become the billionaire before she actually became the billionaire and embody all that it took for her to become the version of who she is today from her future self – not operating as her past or current self!

#billionaire #elenacardone #grantcardone #elenacardoneshaminataylor #thequantumwomanpodcast #becomingabillionaire #billionairemindset #bethebillionaire

00:00 – Intro
04:45 – How Elena Manifested Grant
13:59 – Why Elena Said No to Grant (At First!)
18:06 – How Elena Encouraged Grant to Go Bigger
23:04 – What Needs to Shift To Play at a Bigger Level
29:20 – What Success And Holding The Vision Looks Like
42:02 – Elena’s Past Limiting Beliefs And Becoming Limitless
52:07 – Being Open to Possibilities