How Receiving Compliments Can Make You 100K A MONTH!!


In this video, Shamina dives into what it means to start accepting compliments and how something so small can unlock and entire world for you and unlock more wealth into world, potentially even 100K a month! A lot of us hear about receiving but MANY can’t even receive a compliment, so how can we start receiving the bigger things when we don’t know to receive something as small as this?

So Shamina dives into what that means to start accepting more into your world and how can you start taking the steps to understand why you’re blocked off from knowing how to master the art of receiving if you can’t even start with a compliment.

Shamina takes you through some of her personal life experiences on how she never really allowed herself to receive the help and support in her life, and how this is the exact same thing for many high-performing women out there.

Whether we want to believe it or not, receiving really affects the way we operate our businesses too.

Once you start doing this on a small scale more frequently, before you know it you’re open to receiving all the bigger things you want to start creating. So watch this video to uncover exactly how to master the art of receiving.

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00:00 – INTRO
00:20 – Accepting Compliments: What does it mean
01:12 – Accepting Compliments: How to overcome feelings of “weakness
03:29 – Accepting Compliments: How receiving affects your masculine and feminine mode
04:24 – Accepting Compliments: How to start allowing yourself to receive
06:38 – Accepting Compliments: Start allowing generosity into your world
08:38 – Accepting Compliments: Mantras to help you access your receiver mode


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