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How To Best Market Your Messaging To Ideal Clients

In this video, Shamina takes you through the process of how to best market your messaging to your ideal clients. She also covers some key aspects to know about how your messaging to ideal clients will change as you elevate along your entrepreneurial journey.

This is a great how-to video if you need help with who your ideal client is as well. Because as you evolve, so does your ideal client. The best strategy to market to your ideal client is to use some of your story and your previous client results to state your authority.

While there are many ways to market your messaging, making sure you’re in alignment in your marketing strategies AND having clarity around who your ideal clients are will help this become such an enjoyable and easy process for yourself and your business.

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00:00 – Intro
00:43 – What is The Message and Why It’s so Important
01:10 – You Are The Blueprint For Your Life and Business (this affects your messaging)
02:25 – What Would You Love to Talk About All Day Long
03:36 – Get Back to Your Why
05:18 – Aks Your Audience For Clarity
07:01 – Look At Your Client Results