You Get To Have A “BOTH” Life

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You can’t have both.

You have to choose.

It’s one OR the other.

I was having a discussion with someone over the weekend and they said I would rather be wealthy, have experiences in life, and not buy things.


You don’t want both.

That is your prerogative.

Not me. I want ALL of it.

I see posts all the time talking about this.

Where people proclaim, I would rather spend my money enjoying life. Having vacations then things.

It’s like there is a belief if you choose one you cannot have the other. And if you wanted the “things” it would make you a bad person or greedy.

I want BOTH.

I know I can have both, so I want both.

Both are available.

If you believe you can only have one, then yes there is a painful choice to be made.

Whatever we assign meaning to is what we get.

I personally don’t feel we have to choose.

I can have BOTH.

I believe it is both.

Both is expansive, which means there are no limits.

OR mentality = You can’t have both. So you need to choose.

NOW, I know I can have whatever it is I desire.

So I don’t need to choose.

So many are taught at a young age, pick one. You only get one little Susie, don’t be greedy.

And as a child, you want both.

But you are taught very early this isn’t a “both” life.


Because we don’t want them to be entitled or think life can come easy.

*Insert struggle mentality*

It’s to keep them humble so they know in order to be successful they need to work hard REALLY HARD.


The majority of the women who I mentor don’t have the expansiveness of both even though they are the most hardworking women you will ever meet (p.s. handwork doesn’t equally wealthy).

In fact, they limit themselves so much that what they do is NEVER enough.

So they never know how expansive they can be, or life can be. Because they resort back to the OR mentality, not both.

Their mindset is…

Only if I need it, only if it is necessary.

Rarely just because they desire it.

They don’t feel deserving of both.

And I know some will justify when they don’t want both and say….

‘It just doesn’t excite me.’


Or are you just limiting yourself justifying why you are settling for OR.

I am here to tell you….

You can have both if you choose both.


Would You Wear A 61-Carat Ring?

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This guy made a post about how he was having dinner with his friend who drove a Bugatti.

And while they were at dinner they were eyeing this guy’s watch while he was dining with his wife.

The wife was wearing a 61-carat canary 80 million dollar diamond ring they bought from a museum and they had been married for 30 years.

I read this and I naturally went and googled a 61-carat ring. I mean you probably will too lol.

My friend owned a 6-carat rock the size of my eyeball so I couldn’t imagine what a 61-carat ring would look like.

Oh and the guy they were looking at apparently owned t-shirt factories in Bangladesh. Let’s assume the entire story is true.

What was interesting about it was the comments…..many were very supportive…then the ones who weren’t.

It is always so interesting to see how people react toward another’s wealth. What judgments they make tell me so much about their money mindset.

One commenter said (I am paraphrasing), I would never want to be married to a woman who felt it was okay to wear an 80 million dollar ring. That money could go to charity and change the world.

It could.

He assumed we had to throw the whole wife away because she wore a ring with a certain value.

I mean if it was 100k would we still throw her away?


I mean you’re entitled to it.

No one is stopping judgment.

Don’t try to.

But I can guarantee you this man’s thinking is limiting what is truly available for him to receive in this lifetime.

Another guy said (I am paraphrasing again), I bet he pays his employees $5 an hour and they work in sweat factories, why doesn’t he pay his people better with that money? He made up a whole scenario and story in minutes.

He might. I don’t know.

How many times have we done that?

Based upon our judgments.

We ASSUME things because we think our way is the right and only way.

Then this big long story we’ve made up gets attached very quickly to who people are from their success or what they have.

MONEY will bring out everything that is hiding deep in you about what you feel about YOURSELF.

Want to know where your money issues are, check in with your judgments.

What was your reaction when you read someone owned an 80 million dollar ring and was wearing it?

You know that saying when we judge others, we are actually judging ourselves.

Next time you see yourself judging how other people spend their money, invest their money, spend their money, make their money….including yourself.

STOP and ask yourself why am I so invested in how and why people are using their money.

What does this have anything to do with me?

It’s not taking away from you, is it?

I mean it might feel like it if you don’t live in abundance.

I mean they are printing the paper right this second.

It isn’t running out.

Whatever we assign meaning to becomes our reality.

I got EXPANDED with the idea of a 61-carat rock. I mean she can miss arm day at the gym with that rock.

Others let their limited mindset show, they saw what they DIDN’T have, what wasn’t available to them.

When your default is lack, you will ALWAYS judge everything.

Money doesn’t buy happiness.

But, I am here for the human experience and if it involves experiencing whatever I desire, I am going to experience it as bougie and fancy as I want to.

Because I can. How bout you?

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Many don’t really know what they desire. And normally when I ask ladies this question through masterclasses or webinars, they are unable to pinpoint what they truly, deeply want.

Goals are super important but desires take you deeper! Because it does not come from the ego, it does not come from our overachieving version of self…

It comes from the heart. A soul-filled desire that you know you are truly worthy of having, and more importantly that it’s happening!

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Podcast Ep 11. Wealth Consciousness

In this episode, Shamina talks about all-things wealth consciousness and how to tap into your innate power. 

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Podcast Episode 11 Transcript: Wealth Consciousness
[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to another episode of The Quantum Woman. I’m your host, Shamina Taylor. In today’s episode, we’re gonna talk about wealth consciousness. What is wealth consciousness and you know, what’s this? Talk about it. And why am I a wealth consciousness expert? So I stumbled on it. It was an accident, but I’ll tell you how, how it works.

Wealth consciousness in, um, Is, let’s just break it down. There’s consciousness. First we wanna start with consciousness. I’m gotta start this over. It doesn’t feel good. Hold on. Okay. Hello and welcome to another episode of The Quantum Woman. I’m your host, Shamina Taylor. And today’s episode we’re gonna talk about wealth consciousness.

Before we talk about wealth, consciousness, I wanna talk about consciousness. And if you’re listening to this podcast, you know that I’m slightly a little bit woo. Um, and what I talk about. Energetics spirituality, but I’m also a former attorney and I have very, [00:01:00] um, evidence-based, science-based mindset. And so what I’m gonna explain to you is how I understood this to be.

Now we have consciousness. Everything is made up of consciousness. You know, our, our conscious thoughts, our conscious energy, what’s in us, everything has some level of consciousness in it. What I understood consciousness to really sup to be to, to really mean is that as I become more aware, I start having more access to consciousness, and consciousness, thoughts, consciousness, behavior, consciousness all around me and our, our our thoughts.

Have consciousness in them. Um, our beliefs have consciousness in them. Um, our actions have consciousness in them and how we we do things. I gotta start this again. Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Quantum Woman. I’m your host, [00:02:00] Shamina Taylor. In today’s episode, we’re gonna talk about wealth consciousness, and before we start talking about that, I want to talk to you about what consciousness means.

You know, I. Because then I’m gonna explain to you how wealth comes into this. So consciousness is our thoughts, our beliefs, our actions, things that are, everything has a little consciousness in it, right? And what you see and believe and think right now you’re at a certain level of consciousness. How you observe the world, how you perceive the world, how you show up in the world is at your.

Consciousness and awareness. As we learn more, we expand more, we get new ideas, or we sometimes will see something one way. Then we’ll look at it after a certain amount of wisdom or experience comes in. We’ll see it in a bigger, different way. And an understanding what’s happened there is, is we’ve expanded our consciousness around that particular, um, idea.

Before I had my awakening, I would like to say my consciousness awareness was probably at, you know, maybe. [00:03:00] A 200 on that scale, let’s say, um, you know, I’m talking about the scale of awareness of consciousness levels when I’m talking about the Haw Hawkins scale. And, you know, where I was at was maybe, maybe a 200, 300, I’m not sure.

But it definitely wasn’t in a higher realm of understanding. And as I started doing this work and I started doing my healing work and I started digging deeper, and I started, um, Connecting more to my higher self. You know, people might refer to God, universe, whatever spiritual forces. My understanding of what my purpose and my life experience were now and as my spiritual self was, this combination of the two was an expansion of the consciousness that was in and around me.

So up until a certain point in my life, I was. Moving through the motions. I was understanding what life was, but I really wasn’t in a complete awareness. And as I still grow and move, my consciousness expands around what I know and understand my existence to be right now in this life [00:04:00] and maybe in other lives and where I’ve been before, it might sound a bit woo.

Just stay with me because I want you to understand this. . You know, I was having a conversation with my friend at the gym the other day and he was like, you know, I could read a book the second time and like I’ll pick up things that I didn’t even see the first time. And I love that he said that because that’s really what this is about.

Because you might read, like, let’s say Think and Grow Rich the first time, and then you go back to read it again. You’re like, wow, that that is so different. And it’s. The first time you read it, you picked something up, something in your perspective, your lens, your ideas, your beliefs shifted, and then you went and integrated that and it became, An application in your life now.

Now you saw and believed something new about life, your consciousness shifted. You go back and read that same book again and you’re gonna now have more shifts, cuz now you’re like a higher level of awareness, higher level of consciousness. So what you’re gonna see about that book [00:05:00] and know and understand about it is gonna expand you.

Go back, apply it, integrate. Expand your consciousness, see the world in a different way, and have new experiences. Go back and read that book again, and then something new is gonna come out. You know, I, I think it was Bob Proctor. He said he read that book. Was it that book? He read that book and Neville Gared over and over and over and over again.

Right. He’s like something new. I think it was, I think it was thinking Gage and something new. New, new would come up every single time because he was shifting his consciousness around what he was reading. He was applying it. He was expanding it. So if there’s a. And I’m using this as very. Primal example that you’ve read and you’re like, damn, this just blew my mind.

I would read that book, go integrate it, then go back and pick up that book again and read it again. Cuz I guarantee you something new is gonna come out and maybe there would be a training. You know, a lot of the times women were taking my programs, they were like, you know what? I went through that the first time and then I went and went back through it again and something new came up.

Especially on my program accessing the quantum through emotional self fasting. One of my clients, Alice, is like, I went through it [00:06:00] again and something new came up, something new came up. You’ll hear that happening all the time because you’re shifting your consciousness. So wealth consciousness. Now our money mindset creates our level of conscious consciousness.

So if we believe something to be true about money right now, for example, we were told money doesn’t grow on trees, or we were told we could ma waste money or we were told money’s limited, it’s gonna run out. Your level of consciousness around money might be very low, right? Because you have this fearfulness around it.

There’s also not this expansive thought and beliefs around it. But the more that you work on that level of awareness when it comes to money, like, you know what? Money actually does support me. You know what? More money is coming. Money’s being printed all the time. There’s money available when you start changing your level of awareness.

Or what, what, what, what money means. What money means to you, how you handle your money. You start shifting your consciousness around it. So now you’ve expanded your wealth consciousness. So what I understood this, when I understood this, I realized like the more that I tap into a [00:07:00] higher level of understanding of wealth, the more money is going to be flowing in my life.

But then I applied it to love. I applied it to experiences. Like wealth to me is not just money. Money will come. Bring an experience, but wealth is experiences. It’s gonna be, um, you know, anything that’s an abundant flow in my life. Um, hap uh, happy pocket full of money. I think that’s the book I tell all my clients to read it.

Uh, I feel like you should go grab that book. We’ll put a link of it, um, to my Amazon books in the, um, comments. But it is a really great book of really understanding what wealth consciousness is, and it helps you just understand. Whatever you believe to be true right now is what’s true in existence in the quantum field, right?

So if you can expand your human to believe that there’s more wealth, there’s more money, then you’re gonna just start opening up and accessing more wealth to come to you. But if you have this limited thought process and you think money is limited, you can waste money and money is like, has to be worked really hard to earn your, your level of [00:08:00] consciousness around money is gonna be very restricted.

But the more that you can expand and trust and feel safe around it, you know? It’s gonna grow and you’re gonna expand. I remember, um, you know, When I was doing this work, and I you, I’m gonna talk about this a lot in this podcast about wealth, consciousness, and wealth and money mindset, because it was something that I literally tripped and fell over.

As I was doing this internal work of self-mastery, I started noticing like, I can apply these methods to almost anything and wealth just happened to be one. And that’s how I became a wealth expert around wealth. So for example, people who. Have a really limited money mindset. They may be very, very wealthy, like in the sense that they have a lot of money.

So let’s say they have money, but they let me scratch that. They may have a lot of money, but they may not be very wealthy. So that’s the, the iteration there. Because they know how to make money, but they don’t feel safe with money and they’re the type of people that will, you know, spend three hours to go [00:09:00] shop for the cheapest price of something because you know, they wanna get the best deal.

You know, I remember talking to this guy who made millions and he’s like, he had a phone case on and the phone case is a guy was spark. It was a black one with sparkles on it. I was like, oh, was that like your girlfriend’s phone? It’s my phone cover. I only paid $30 for it. There was no way I was gonna spend a hundred something dollars on a phone cover.

And I searched up and down and I went to all these kiosks and I finally found one for $30. And this was, this was it. And there’s a woman went, I was gonna buy it. I was like, how many hours? I spent three hours. He spent hours looking for this and instead, Going online on Amazon or wherever and purchasing a phone cover or his valuation.

Around what he was spending was, he was exchanging so much time to get something cheap. And so to me, that’s an expansion of my wealth [00:10:00] consciousness. That’s my humanness thinking money’s gonna run out. But when you’re in a, in the, the, the higher realm of wealth consciousness, you know that money’s circulating and it’s there.

And that’s why I feel like, you know, we can’t waste money. You, you people feel like they can buy things that they don’t use. Okay. Maybe that’s true. There’s truth in that. Maybe you’ve bought food that you shouldn’t have bought. true. And you threw it out, right? There’s some truth to that, but I feel like if you believe you can waste money then, and that’s your predominant.

Belief system, then what’s gonna happen is that you feel you’re going to always be depleting money everywhere. You know, growing up when my mom was just trying to help me out, cuz that’s what she knew, but she’s like, don’t waste your money. And I remember when I was getting really wealthy, she said that to me and I’m like, mom, don’t tell me that.

Don’t tell me I can waste my money cuz I believe that I. That, that, that will be my predominant belief that I, I can waste money. So I had that belief on the forefront. So anytime I bought something that I really loved, I felt like it was wasting it. Anytime I was spending my [00:11:00] money on something I truly desired, I was wasting it.

And it wasn’t coming from a place of just pure enjoyment. I just felt like I could waste money because that’s because money could be, was. , you know, maybe some of all of the decisions that we were buying. Like I buy first class tickets now because that makes me feel super wealthy. It expands my wealth consciousness.

When I’m sitting in first class, I feel so amazing and someone else might think I’m crazy by doing that. Like why not sit and coach, like just go? But I don’t like sitting. I, one time I was a coach, I’m gonna just tell you the story right now. One time I was in coach because I had to be in coach because, um, Oh, my flight got canceled and they re they, they, they were putting me on a, the next available, I was sitting in the middle seat.

This dude beside me, um, this is what he did. Okay. First of all, I sat down and then, um, I had my phone and um, I left my water up there cuz you know you gotta pay for shit when you’re in coach. And I was like, Hey, can I get my [00:12:00] water? He’s like, after everybody sat down, then you can get up. I was like, I’m like, what?

And I was like, okay. I mean, everybody sat down and I’m like, uh, I’m get up and get my water. He’s like, the plane’s gonna take off now. I don’t know. And I’m like, move, basically, you know? I was like trying to be strong and I went up, got my water and he was like, he was like a big or yell. He was so dramatic.

Anyway, I got my water, sat back down, and then I took my blanket, my Louis Vuitton blanket, and it like curled up into it. Okay. He was beside. On his phone and he would take his finger and he’d go and he’d lick his phone and he would scroll. Every time he wanted to move a page, he kept licking his finger. I was texting all my friends and it sounded really horrible.

I’m like, I’m sitting at coach and this is the worst thing that can happen, and my buddy goes, he goes, oh, rich people problems. I realized that was rich people problems at the point. I’m like, when did that? [00:13:00] Me, but this guy licked his finger and his phone, I counted up to 30 times at one point, and I’m not sure if it was a nervous hap, but there was a lot of spit on that phone.

I wasn’t feeling super wealthy there. I was thinking about, wow, the luxury of when I’m in first class and you know, they bring you your wine and your snacks and I have all this space and I can’t smell the person’s breath beside me and it feels so good. So yeah, those things make me feel wealthy. Buying my GWA makes me feel wealthy.

Do I need a G-Wagon? Absolutely not. But expanded my wealth consciousness. There’s things that you can do to expand the way you feel. Listen. . Remember I started this shit with zero. I actually, sometime a bank account was negative. I took screenshots cause I’m writing a money book too. A wealth consciousness book.

I took screenshots of my bank account. when? When it was, when it was in the red, because I was like, one day I am gonna tell this story about how I made this money and where I came from. I had to start thinking like a wealthy woman [00:14:00] prior to it did. I didn’t have actual cash to make me feel wealthy, but I had to get into that level of wealth consciousness where I.

Already in the quantum field and already in another sector where I was feeling fully wealthy, I had to do things that made me feel wealthy. I had to act in a wealthy way. And it wasn’t like I was faking it, but I was doing small things like upgrading my underwear, you know, uh, going to eat certain restaurants, um, make going, putting myself in a position where I would feel that wealth.

And so as soon as you start expanding what’s available for you, you get out of that lack mindset and you get into a more abundant thinking frame, uh, frame of mind. And so you expand your wealth consciousness. So naturally I was open to receiving more wealth, but if I sat there and thought I wasted all of my money, all my investments were bad, I was, you know, I was, I was poor steward of my money.

Um, you know, my credit card debt meant, meant something cuz my credit cards were maxed out at the time. They’re all zeroed right now. And I just got a platinum. MasterCard, no. Platinum Amex card. You know, my [00:15:00] balance was, I don’t $19,000. I just, you know, I, I charged that one month and I was able to pay it off.

I mean, it’s a completely different story right now, you know? Um, it could change, but it changes. From your consciousness, your perspective of what you believe about money and what you believe about wealth, and how much can you expand around that so that you could take yourself to the next realm. People who live so linear about money are gonna stay here.

Like I see so many people complaining online, in person. That’s so expensive. That’s so, it’s all relative because there’s someone out there buying a Bugatti right now or buying a, buying a plane. It might be expensive, but they’re buying a plane. They’re buying a jet. They’re buying a Bugati. It’s all their level of consciousness and where they are.

And then there’s some out there buying a fiat feeling bomb as hell. And I’m celebrating you too. Even in that Ford Escort, whatever it is that’s making you feel wealthy, I’m there with you. But it’s how you are at who you are when you’re actually making these purchases and or when you’re in this vibration and energy, it, it [00:16:00] affects your wealth consciousness.

So you know, there are people who have money, but they’re not. Because they’re in this limitation. They’re in this state of, it’s all gonna run out, and they’re worried about the money. So they’re hustling more. They’re, they’re scared. They’re in this scared mindset. And that is not expanded wealth consciousness.

That’s just, you have money now, but you’re at a different level with the same mindset. And now you’re get afraid. And I guarantee you all those people who have, uh, money issues and not, not, not expanded wealth consciousness, they’ll make money and then all of a sudden the money will go. It’ll go somewhere else.

A problem will come up. Someone has rated their account, um, someone has stolen from them. You know, um, they’re, they’re a victim of fraud. Um, something has gone bad. It’s like playing a monopoly and like, you cannot pass, go. You gotta pay all these taxes. Like something will come up because they’re creating it with the level of consciousness they’re at with wealth.

So you have to understand where’s your consciousness? . It starts with changing our framework around [00:17:00] money, about wealth, about love. I guarantee you people who have a money mindset problem have a love problem too. They’re not like, they’re not open to love. They’re not open to receiving. They’re not open to that level of consciousness because they’re closed off and they’re doing just all the human stuff of working hard and making money.

I see the patterns. It’s there over and over and over and over. People who have this, this closed off feeling to money is usually closed off, feeling to love. Their hearts are closed and the money’s closed too. They’ll be able to make it, but it goes out pretty quickly. Or they’re, they’re afraid they’ll go pay, give all their money and buy their house in full.

Most people who are really great stewards of their money know that debt is not a bad thing when they, they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re leveraging it. You know, nobody puts, pays off their entire house. When they go, go take that money and they go put it into an investment property or properties and get the passive income from that and do something with it, that’s an expanded wealth consciousness.

That’s actually a smart business, but people who are in fear around money will not have expanded consciousness around wealth. Again, I have so much to say. This could be. [00:18:00] Two hours. Um, just as an intro to this, but this is a taste. I wanna know what, are you gonna wake up tomorrow or today, or what are you gonna do right now to expand your wealth consciousness?

You know, go buy that book. First of all. Listen to it. Um, go watch more of my YouTube, uh, um, uh, videos. Go into my Quantum Woman group. Uh, get invited in there. And, um, I’ve got programs that you can purchase that, a really small amount that can start getting you into this level. You gotta start today and you have to make this your duty and job every day.

If you are looking to expand your consciousness, even if you’re making millions of dollars and you’re still not where you wanna be because you’re feel this fear or control money has over you. You don’t have a wealth expansion. It’s very limited. And when you make money, you create ceilings for yourself.

Um, Listen to my podcast on desires. It’s a really, really good one cuz it helps expand your consciousness. All right, I hope you enjoyed this podcast episode, and if you did, please uh, tell your friends about it. Listen to it, gimme a review. Go to um Shamina [00:19:00] and download my wealth. Codes meditation.

It is gonna help you expand your beliefs around money. Um, also you can go find some programs that are really priced well for you. Um, there is, like I said, Jeriah, quantum Roman Group. We have great programs and, um, Yeah, I wanna hear your feedback. If there’s anything else you want, you wanna find out more information on when it comes to wealth, let me know.

Send me a message. I’d love to hear from you. And thank you so much for spending this time with me and I hope you enjoyed this podcast episode. Um, I get fired up when I talk about this because it literally changed my life. I have the most extraordinary life right now. My kids are living their best life.

They don’t know what it feels like to live any other way. And let me tell you, I wanted to expand their wealth conscious cuz you know what? Broke generational things when it comes to money and wealth with my children, they’re going to be standing at a different level of understanding of what money is and what it can do, and what they can have in their lives.

And when they know more is coming, guess what? More is coming. All right. Bye for now. Thank you so much.