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Breaking Toxic Cycles With Narcissists

Do you have toxic people in your life? In this episode, Shamina shares the importance of breaking toxic cycles with narcissists and ending all toxic cycles in your life.

This is a must-watch if you are working with closing patterns with these types of people yet unsure of where to start and how exactly this affects your life and your wealth consciousness.

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Why You Care So Much (And How To Stop Giving Power Away)

It’s nearly impossible not to care. We’ve been taught all our lives that we should. But in this video Shamina dives into the topic “Why You Care So Much” and how this goes hand in hand with “How To Stop Giving Power Away”.

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Detach Emotionally And Master Everything In Your Life

Here Shamina dives into how to “Detach Emotionally And Master Everything In Your Life”. Mastering your emotions are the key to unlocking everything in the quantum field. Once you start mastering your emotions everything in life starts opening up to you because this means you’re opening up too.

Everything in life is more emotional than we realize and when you start tapping into the power of the emotional self, your entire world will start to change. Click through to watch the full video!

I Had My First Six Figure Month Using Abundance Mindset Techniques

In this video, Shamina goes into how “I Had My First Six Figure Month Using Abundance Mindset Techniques”. All of us have probably thought somewhere along the lines that to have an “abundance mindset”, all you need to do is “write down this affirmation a 100 times and you’re good right?” But this is actually the farthest thing from something that will truly work for you.

So many of us have been preconditioned with a mindset that is not rooted in abundance because we’ve been taught to fear what we lack. Shamina Taylor unpacks how she used abundance mindset techniques to not only change her life but to start earning super high cash figure months by focusing on her mindset to be the magnet to attract it all.

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Control Your Emotions: Mastering Responding vs Reacting

In this episode, Shamina drops insight into how to control your emotions and master the art of responding rather than reacting. She also shares how to navigate this in your everyday life because our emotions affect so much more than we realize.

One of the greatest benefits of self-mastery in the world of emotional intelligence is that it allows you to gain clarity on what is important to you, and no longer seek to control the narrative of others but to practice discernment in standing firm in where you are vs where they are or are not in their emotional intelligence. 

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