Archives for January 11, 2024

5 Daily Practices For Success

What can you do to create a successful day for yourself? Today I want to share with you the daily practices that help me set the pace for the rest of the day and create that success, that high vibrational frequency we all need to conquer all things that come our way.

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3 Things you need to know about your intuition

We usually think about intuition as a feeling we get, but we don’t listen to it. In this video, I will share with you 3 things you need to know about your intuition, how to tap into it and make its messaging even clearer so you’re able to use this extremely powerful tool in your everyday life.

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Activate Your Abundance Thinking and Have It All

In this free training video for The Quantum Woman Facebook group, Shamina Taylor goes into the steps to shift from a mindset of LACK to a mindset of ABUNDANCE.

We are powerful enough to attract anything and everything to us, but only when we stop focusing on what we don’t have or could potentially lose. When you release your scarcity mindset and trust that all that you need and desire WILL come to you, you will truly be able to have it all.

Learn to celebrate, share, and embrace true joy and success with this live training session. Watch the full video on YouTube.

Activate Your Receiving Mode: Out of Your Masculine and Into Your Feminine

When you hear “masculine and feminine energy”, you may start by thinking, “I’m a woman, so I definitely must embody feminine energy, right?” No! So many dominant, successful, powerful women are living primarily in their masculine energy, but our FEMININE energy is our SUPERPOWER!

Shamina Taylor breaks down the meaning of both masculine and feminine energy, and how you can step into your feminine to activate your receiving mode. Once you can grasp this, you can manifest ANYTHING. You can have it ALL!

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How Do We Deal with Toxic People in Our Lives?

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where the people in our life are not serving us anymore, but rather draining our energy and replacing it with theirs.

We care about them, but their negativity and unwillingness to grow start to affect us more than we realize. So, how do we deal with toxic people in our lives? Shamina Taylor talks about how important it is to identify the effects of the presence of people in your life and let go of those who lower your vibration. Protect your energy, and find the people who are in alignment with you.

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The Spiritual Muscle Called Intuition – Make Life Easy

When making a decision you get a feeling right off the bat, but most people don’t follow that feeling as quickly as it appears. We analyze, overthink every detail, and talk ourselves out of our gut feelings to end up at an answer that we oftentimes KNOW deep down is wrong – so much more complicated, right?

This feeling is Intuition, and there are so many studies that prove how important it is in every aspect of our lives. Developing and strengthening this spiritual muscle is essential to build trust in yourself, nourish your confidence, and tap into your inner guidance.

Shamina Taylor shares her tips on how to follow this voice to your TRUE life path and watch how success and abundance are simply attracted to you naturally. Make your life EASY!