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Podcast Ep 12. Messy Action Makes Me Millions

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Accessing the Quantum Through Emotional-Self Mastery is an 8-week life-changing experience where you will become the most badass amazing next-level version of yourself by learning how to become the master of your emotions and not it over you. You will learn how to take action toward:
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Podcast Episode 12 Transcript

Podcast Episode – Messy Makes Me Millions

[00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Quantum Woman. I’m your host, Shamina Taylor. In today’s episode, we’re gonna talk about messy, makes me Millions as Maybe you can see my shirt if you’re watching the YouTube replay. Um, My shirt says, messy action makes me millions. This was one of our prototypes, but the saying is messy makes me millions.

So what does that mean? Messy makes me millions. It kind of came out of a teaching that I was doing one time, and, uh, the truth of the matter is, uh, lot of what, uh, I’ve created and probably most really successful people, is just taking messy action, not knowing exactly what the result is going to. Um, Come about.

A lot of the times people are paralysed, uh, in analysis paralysis where they’re just, you know, hoping that, um, you know, uh, that the answers are gonna come to them. Once they start, you know, [00:01:00] overthinking something, they’re gonna just miraculously, something’s gonna come up. , what I want to really stress to you is that, um, messy makes me millions.

It was, um, Probably like my key secret would not much of a secret to how my success, I used to be a hardcore over-thinker. Hmm. A perfectionist. Hmm. Um, somebody who had to know everything, the how and the when and the why before I moved. Mm-hmm. . And maybe some of you’re like shaking your head like, yeah, yeah, that’s me too.

Um, and you know, Coming from the background that I’ve come, come from, I mean, I’m an attorney and I have three degrees, a business degree, political science degree, and I’m an attorney and I came from a very, you know, logical evidence-based thought process, planned out, very masculine mindset. And when I came into this online space, it was like a whole new world, you know, kind of opened up.

I told you all I was gonna [00:02:00] sing, but it wasn’t gonna be good. And. I don’t know, I would see what other people were doing and I was like, oh, that looked kind of good. And I was like, Uhuh, that don’t look good. And I realized they were just throwing shit at the wall themselves and just trying to figure out what sticks right.

And so I literally, um, started doing the same. I had to always stay in alignment with myself because if I did something I didn’t like, I realized like I would create resistance around it. And I also didn’t have everything figured out. I also realized that what worked for somebody, Didn’t necessarily work for me because they weren’t me.

Right? They were them. And so I had to figure out what worked for me. I had to figure out what I liked, what was my style, what would, what felt good for me. You know, I always tell people I have, you know, a plan, but at the end of the day, take what parts of it that you like and then go execute it. Does it work?

Yeah. That my strategies work, but you also have to realize that you have to be closer to me to get those things done. Um, Not everybody’s equipped to go take action. [00:03:00] A lot of the times we are our own worst enemy. You know, fear will keep us paralyzed. Like, you know, the unknown will keep us paralyzed. And they always say like, the best stuff is outside of the comfort zone.

Right? I remember I read this. this book, uh, feel of fear and, and, and do it anyway. And, uh, I remember how paralyzed in fear I was at the time when I was starting this business. I’m like, you know, I, I really don’t know what I’m doing. And I would say that for the very, for a very long time. And one of my, um, uh, mentors at the time, she looked at me, she’s like, uh, you’ve made a few million dollars.

You know what you’re doing. I. What I didn’t wanna do, I also knew that I would keep trying different things and whatever worked, I’d go hard on that. I would go in on it. And whatever didn’t work, I’d leave it to the wayside. So a lot of the times people don’t take action on their dreams, on their visions, on their messaging, on what they wanna create in the world because they don’t know what the outcome’s gonna look like, and they want like [00:04:00] somebody to say, yeah, that’s totally gonna work.

This is like the hugest impediment impairment barrier, block resistance. Come up with all the words that are telling you why you can’t have the thing that you want. Uh, because people wanna have everything figured out. You’re never gonna have everything figured out. And if you had them fi, you had it figured out and you didn’t take action, guess what?

You should have done that shit a long time ago. All right? The people that have wild, wild, wild success are the people that are willing to risk to take chances and figure it out. And I. There was a point in time where I was paralyzed and then there was a point in time I was just like, um, f it. I’m just gonna try it.

I’m just gonna figure it out and we’ll just see what happens. Uh, gotta say nine times outta 10. Most of the things that I took action on that I didn’t know how I was gonna end up, ended up being bangers. They ended up being like things that were completely extraordinary successful because I just moved, I took action.

You know, some people say throw spaghetti at the wall and figure out what it is. I say, throw some shit up against the wall and figure out what it is because. At the end [00:05:00] of the day, you won’t know what you’re good at until you start doing something. You won’t even know if the things that you talk about are really what you wanna talk about until you start talking about them.

You know, I feel like there is something that, um, you know, You’ve, you’ve gotta start implementing a way of just foregoing the thought process and taking action. Sometimes people take a lot of action and you’re just like, what? What are they doing? But then, What I find is you’ll see people who are just showing up online, you know, or they’re showing up in their space and they’re selling and they’re doing whatever, or, you know, they’re throwing out their, like their, their mix tapes.

So they’re, you know, they’re singing, but they’re doing something. Right, and it might not be going anywhere in the moment, but then like you fast forward five or six months and then are a year or two and you’re like, damn, that worked out for them. You know, you look back at Drake’s mixed tapes, back in the day he was making out his mixed tapes.

He was under Degrassi Junior High. And look at [00:06:00] homeboy now, right? We all start from somewhere, and I think a lot of the times when people are, you know, had some success like I did as being an attorney, like that’s wildly successful go to start something brand new. It’s like you don’t wanna look like a failure.

You don’t wanna look like you don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t wanna be judged, you don’t wanna be criticized, especially by yourself. Your peers, your family members, members. For the longest time, my family’s like, you’re leaving long. Going to do what? Like they had no idea what I was doing. I mean, let’s face it, part of me didn’t either.

I had a vision. I had a calling and I knew something bigger than me was calling me to step up into a role I’d never been before. Now, every time we take messy action, we start. Figuring things out on our own, we start finding that we’re going to places that we didn’t even know were there. And then all of a sudden it unlocks like another level of you.

It unlocks this next level. You, this person that you didn’t even know was existing inside of you, uh, or the ideas were existing in you. This level of [00:07:00] this new level of consciousness, uh, wizardry practice, knowledge, wisdom gets unlocked. They do say that, you know, many mentors and spiritual teachers and um, I don’t know, throw in another name for somebody who knows a lot of shit, they will say like, you have all the answers within you, but it’s like what you do to stop the unlocking of those answers is what’s keeping you safe.

So a lot of the times people don’t go out and do messy action cuz they’re afraid of. They’re afraid of what could go wrong, and they sit in the What if this happens instead? Maybe it’s making an investment. Maybe it’s going out on a new business venture. Maybe it’s leaving your current job and really following your dreams.

Maybe like I did, you know, it was huge risk. Are you kidding me? Like I had a 250,000 plus education, just, that’s just law school. And then I heard a little calling in my head that said you were here for more. You have to go do something else. And you don’t know what it is yet, but you gotta follow it. . [00:08:00] Yeah.

I mean, insert the crazy emoji right there, you know, but I knew it was something and I just had to keep taking action every day and figuring out what was it that next best thing. I still feel like, what is that great, great thing coming for me? It’s still unfolding, but I’m still stepping into what I know and I believe in this moment because this is the action.

You know, just even starting this podcast, I’m going to be super, super truthful with you. I paid somebody money in 2019. We are sitting here and it’s 2020. at the end of it. So 2023 is starting tomorrow, basically like in three weeks. And had I started this podcast back in 2019, just not even knowing, not knowing the name, not knowing what it was about, just showing up and sharing what my gifts were.

Then homegirl would’ve been like, you know, probably the number one downloaded podcast already, but I. Waited. There was a part of my life that I wasn’t ready to expose, I suppose, or I had assigned some meaning at the time that it had to be so great or perfect, and I made it feel like it [00:09:00] was something, uh, Bigger than what it was.

You know, I was taking action every other area of my life. Uh, but then I put this one in the back burner, but I said, there’s no way 2022 was gonna end without me starting this podcast. Another year was not gonna come by me talking about it, I was gonna do something about it. So, you know, someone like me, that takes a lot of messy action.

You know? It, it was, uh, I decided that this was the time, this was it. And guess what? I’m having the time of my freaking life. I like can’t stop talking. And I hope you guys are enjoying this podcast. If you are, leave me a review, um, and, uh, gimme some feedback. Message me. Let me know if you are, but let me tell you.

Um, we put upper limits on ourselves and there’s a book called Upper Limits by, um, gay, uh, gotta find that. Is it called Upper Limits? Let me gotta find this book. I’ll find the book and I’ll let it, you know, I forget the name of it now. Um, but were we, we. Cap our success because we will think we have it all planned out.

But imagine if you [00:10:00] went and jumped all the way in. You might not know how far you’re gonna swim, how, or jump off a cliff, how far you’re gonna fly, or just go for it because you’re probably gonna be in such a limited state because you’re only gonna see so far as what you can see right now in. Who you are, who you’re being.

But when you start expanding beyond by doing things that really scare the shit outta you, you’re gonna actually open up doors, opportunities, experiences that you didn’t even know were there waiting for you because you’re playing it so freaking safe. Listen. We all like have some level of safety, but I gotta tell you something, the only way you’re gonna find out what you’re really made of is to go take that messy action.

Go figure it out. Listen, I started this business with like a negative bank account. I’m gonna lie with you some credit cards. Okay? I was starting my life all over again. I had put practicing law on the back burner because I was doing a lot of inner work and. I started making money, then I invested it back into myself and back into my company, and I did that over and over again.

Before I [00:11:00] admit my bank account, account got super fat. I had hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I still do, you know, I’m able to buy a GWA in cash. Like there’s so many things that have changed in my life. We go on five star vacations with my kids. My kids have so much, so many amazing experiences.

I can buy whatever I want, hire whoever I want, all because I was willing to start, you know, the people will always say, start before you’re. You’re never gonna be ready for that next level. You’re never gonna be ready for what’s coming. You’re never gonna know what’s available and open to you unless you just move.

You’ve gotta move, you gotta take the action. You gotta be willing to take the risks. And I know this message is gonna land on some of your ears. And you’ll be like, yeah, yeah, you’re gonna go take a, you know, do something tomorrow. I, I went to Tony Robbins event. He had 10,000 people there. That’s a whole story for another, um, um, episode because it was a really cool story of how I got there and, and whatnot.

But, you know, everybody gets hyped up when they go to these in-person events or they go to these motivational [00:12:00] events. They get so hyped up. They’re like, I’m gonna come home. I’m gonna crush it. I’m gonna do all these things. And maybe for a week they do that. And then they go back to their everyday life.

And it’s like, well, what did, are you gonna do the. That’s why I made a commitment to myself, even if it was the last final inning of the year. I was like, we are not going into another year not doing this. When you hold your word to yourself, I find that you find, I find that you start believing in yourself more.

When you do the say. When you do the thing you say you’re gonna do, you start believing in yourself. You start moving in a different energy. You start trusting your word, cuz you’re not like lying to yourself saying, yeah, I’m gonna go to the gym tomorrow. I’m gonna go, you know? Um, You know, I’m gonna go on that dating app.

I, you know, I’m going to, I’m gonna end this relationship, you know, I’m going to eat healthier. I, I’m going, I’m gonna quit drinking. I’m gonna, you know, I’m gonna stop smoking pot so much. I’m gonna read that book. I saw a post today in this like, [00:13:00] fitness group, and I, I don’t even know how I got it to be honest with you, but it, um, oh, I think one of the girls I knew from back in the day and her fiancé, her husband, made a post.

He’s like, what? What do you wanna change? Yourself moving through to the new year. And it was a fitness group and ironically enough, so many people are like, I wanna quit smoking. I wanna quit drinking. Which I thought was really ironic being a fitness group. But what do they wanna do more of and change? I wanna read, I wanna, you know, believe in myself more.

I wanna read was quite a few, quite a few people’s, um, answers. I wanna, you know, start this business I wanna do. . And, and in my mind I’m like, why don’t you do it yet? What, what? We’ll pick up the book. You can start tomorrow. You don’t need this grand, um, prep preparation to go get a book and start reading.

You could pick up a book right now and start reading. You could pick up a book and, and, and, and, um, and start self-improvement. You can go watch a video. You can, you know, listen to a podcast. You can, you know, do something that’s gonna move you in the direction of the dreams or what you wanna unfold.

Everybody always says to me, I [00:14:00] wanna make more money. Okay, so whatcha are you gonna do? Planning is great, but do not stay in a planned state. Planning does not, um, have execution. You have to move. You get an idea, you gotta take action on it. You get something that, that, that comes up and you’re like, Ooh, that would be really good.

Launch it. I, that’s how I kind of run my business. If I get an idea, I’m like, I’m gonna move on it. Thank God I have a team that’s so good for me because they’ll support, like when I get these crazy ideas, they’re like, all right, let’s do it. You have to be able to. In the energy when it comes, when that energy is passed, you’re not gonna wanna do that thing anymore.

Your hype ness is gonna go away. The more that you act in your hype ness and you get that like, oh yeah. You’re gonna keep wanting to do that because now you’re gonna train your nervous system, your mind and everything else to be like, Hmm, when that hits, now you get that hit, we’re gonna move. It’s like when you this, when you get turned on, you know you’re gonna wanna have a little sex, kind of the same thing.

Right? So kind of start implementing that. Start feeling into like, whoa, what, what excites me? Or what do [00:15:00] I know that I want to achieve and I haven’t done it yet? 2023 is gonna be the banger year. And if you’re hearing this at another year and it’s coming up, what is that next year gonna come and bring for you?

What didn’t you accomplish in this current year that you want to accomplish in this next year? And chances are some of you’re gonna be listening to this in the 2023. Cause I haven’t launched a podcast yet, but. You know, what is it that you want to do in this year that you haven’t done in the previous years?

Where have you broken your promise to yourself? Where are you going to take messy action? Cuz I tell you, the more messy action you you take, the more millions will come and the more money is gonna come and the more everything. Because right now you’re just sitting here doing nothing. What can you do tomorrow that’s gonna change the game for you forever?

And maybe it’s that commitment of not eating any more ice cream at. Maybe it’s going to the gym. Maybe it’s, you know, cultivating better relationships with your, your friends and your family. Maybe it’s saying nicer things to yourself. Maybe it’s waking up in the morning. Maybe it’s going to bed at night at a certain hour.

Maybe it’s waking up at a certain hour. Maybe it’s meditating. Maybe it’s journaling. What commitments [00:16:00] are you gonna make to yourself that you’re gonna say, yeah, I’m doing the thing that I said I was gonna do. What action are you not taking right now that could really be leading you in the direction, the way you wanna go?

Uh, You can tell I’m really hyped up about this. Right? I’m excited about this because this is the honest truth. Not everybody’s wired like this. You know, I had one mentor, he’s an awesome guy, Richard. Um, the conscious marketer. He would tell me, you’re a promoter. He’s like, you’re always gonna do the thing.

He’s like, not everybody’s a promoter. And I just didn’t wanna believe what he was saying at the time. Cause I’m like, anybody can do whatever they could. They, everybody can go out there and do the thing, but not everybody’s wired or wanting or willing or has that drive to go out there and do the thing.

You can’t sit and blame anybody else but yourself if you are not willing to go step up into your dreams and your vision. If you’re listening to this podcast, cuz there’s something about me that resonates and you see yourself [00:17:00] in me, or you see yourself in the quantum woman and you realize there’s something that you have not been really putting your whole energy into to go do.

Sit down and have that little come to Jesus moment for yourself. Write down all the things that you wanna do. I tell you, 2019, I started writing down all the things that I wanted to do and they’re all finally coming, coming together, and they’re, and they’re playing out in this year for me. . Sometimes it’s an overnight thing, sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes it takes a few years, but you can’t quit on it. You gotta take steps to get there, and sometimes you don’t know how to take that action. But listen, one foot forward, one foot forward, guess what? The answers and the, um, the, the, the, the, the. The path will open up for you, but you’ve got to move. You can’t stay where you are thinking everybody’s gonna come to you.

Right. That’s like somebody who’s looking to start dating. I mean, the only people that you’re probably gonna date if, you know, if you don’t leave your house and go meet people, or if you don’t get on dating apps is gonna be like the exterminator or people coming to your house last time at checked this.

[00:18:00] I mean, unless that’s what you want. You know, you gotta put yourself out there, you gotta take some action, whatever it is you’re looking for. Right. Okay. All right. I hope you enjoyed this podcast episode. If you did, tell a friend, invite them. Uh, if you enjoyed it, leave me a review. Um, go to my website, www.shaminataylor.com.

You can download my wealth meditation there. You can also, um, uh, sign up for the, um, what am I trying to say? My book is coming out unlocking the coin to a moment. You can get on the wait list or you can, you can pre-purchase it. Um, and we’ve got a lot of programs that you can join. Listen, uh, I think I have the Quantum CEO coming out.

If you wanted to start an online business, that’s for you. I, I really appreciate that you’ve taken your time to listen to me today, and I hope you got some value from this. And just remember, um, when we move, oh my gosh, this song to start playing my head when I move, you move just like that. When I move, you move just like that.

So let’s talk. I’m gonna [00:19:00] have a sign off when now move you move. Just like that. All right, bye for now.

Podcast Ep 10. First Steps In Starting A Business

In this episode, Shamina shares the first steps in starting a business and the pitfalls to avoid.
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Accessing the Quantum Through Emotional-Self Mastery is an 8-week life-changing experience where you will become the most badass amazing next-level version of yourself by learning how to become the master of your emotions and not it over you. You will learn how to take action toward:
• Mastering your emotions, overhauling your mindset, up-level your life, and accessing the most amazing next-level version of yourself
• Claim your wealth in all aspects of your life
• Step into your power to receive more freely from the Universe 

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The Quantum Woman Podcast Episode 10 Transcript: How To Start A Business

[00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Quantum Woman. I’m your host, Shamina Taylor. In today’s episode, we’re going to answer one of the listeners’ questions was how do you start your business and, um, what are the pitfalls to avoid and, um, What would, you know, first stop, be and whatnot? I feel personally, this is my experience, um, and this is just how I built my business, is that there has to be a clear, um, vision for the business.

Like you have a clear vision, but also a clear vision for the business. You know, what do you want to accomplish in your business? What do you want this business to do in the world? Right? And. There has to be something that’s there that this business is going to do. Like, what is the message that you’re gonna be bringing out with this business?

I think a lot of the times when I see people starting businesses, they’re, they’re, they’re looking for something that they’re gonna get [00:01:00] rich quick with. Or they’re, how is this gonna turn over a profit? How am I gonna make money with this? And. You know, that’s not good or bad, or right or wrong. I just know that when there’s a bigger why behind why you’re starting your business, there’s gonna be a different energy that’s behind it.

And again, I’m teaching from just my experience, but I found that when you have your heart into a business and you have, there’s a deeper meaning there. You’re gonna want to see that business grow in a different way. You’re gonna be in love with it. It’s not gonna feel like work to you. It’s gonna be an extension of what’s going on within you that’s going on around.

And especially when you’re a service provider, um, you know, And say like, say self-development or even as a doctor or as an attorney or whoever you are, interior di designer, real estate agent, there should be a reason why you’re in that field. You know? Um, there should be something that’s driving you behind just being and showing up every day in that profession.

And for me personally, [00:02:00] when I started this business, I was leaving the practice of law because I had a calling that came to me, something that said, Hey, you know, There’s something else that you’re supposed to do in this world. And I struggled, I struggled with it, um, a lot because it was like, Hey, I’ve got this $250,000 education here and, um, hello.

Everybody would love to be an attorney. Like, what, what are you doing? Right? Um, but I knew there was something bigger and I, and I struggled with it because I’m like, can you have. Can you have two things that you’re really good at, or two callings in a lifetime? Could there be two things that you, you know, you came here to do and, and I realize there could be multiple things.

You know, there could be multiple things, what you came here to do, and sometimes people go through phases where they’re doing, you know, a different. A different thing in their life, and then they go and do another thing. And I feel like that’s the progression of where my life was. And if you have listened to my story, you know that I had an awakening and I knew that there was something bigger.

I couldn’t see it at the time, 10 years ago when I started transitioning, but I see it now so clearly like, oh. And I keep seeing it clear and [00:03:00] clear as I’m showing up. Like there’s something greater and greater, greater I’m supposed to be doing. So when I started the business, I had. Money’s zero. Zero.

Nothing. Nothing. And um, all I had was a little bit of space in my credit card. You know, I was, uh, newly, um, divorced and I had to figure out what the heck I was gonna do. And I had this struggle, like, do I go back and practice law and or what do I do? I had some money that I could play with. I had a little bit of time where I could figure things out, and I knew that, um, My insides needed to be in alignment for me to go forward.

Cuz I, I had a lot of disconnection. I probably, you know, I wanted to start doing something earlier and I remember I’m like, oh, I’m gonna go to this now. But then, you know, spirit was like, sit down. Like you need to process, you need to learn some more. You need to clear some more. You know, and then I got to the point where like, oh, I’m ready now.

And when I was ready, I just, like, in one of the previous episodes, I just took [00:04:00] action. I just, you know, I made a Facebook post and I said, Hey, reach out to me. You know, if you, if this resonates with you and you like some help, I had no idea what coaching was or mentoring was. I never considered myself a coach.

I always considered myself a mentor. Cause I felt like whoever I was leading was gonna be somebody that was like, in a similar path and a slimmer, similar storyline. You know, they, they, they had similar. Um, experiences in life and they’re just looking for someone to be a flashlight, like, okay, where would we go next?

How do I get there? And so that’s why I picked, you know, that the title of mentor. . Um, so I had no money and I, but I had a phone. Um, I had my experiences. Um, at this point I had done almost five years of internal work and, um, it still wasn’t done and still never is completely. But I got to a place where I feel very, very good and I just took action.

I figured what I knew at that time was enough to lead somebody else out of where they were, to where I could get them. Now, I sold the program, made some. [00:05:00] Sold another program, made some money. Mentored a couple people, learned a lot and realized I didn’t what, what I wanted to do, what I didn’t wanna do, and then I had to regroup and then I went back out again and I did it again, but I made it.

I made a clear plan for myself, what programs did I want to teach and create? What part of my journey was it that I wanted to do? And so I created my business from. Zero. Right. And sometimes it was negative zero, but I took that money and then I reinvested it back into myself. And then in my business, maybe purchasing programs to create landing pages like ClickFunnels or to, um, you know, Get a membership for Canva when, you know, the free one wasn’t enough, or to start investing in certain business programs or to start, you know, working on my email list, um, you know, with active campaign and different things.

So I started taking that money and reinvesting back in mentors and then in and business programs, and then I eventually grew. What I didn’t do was I. Put myself, um, in a place of [00:06:00] taking out a loan for my business. I did put things on credit cards because in my mind, this is how I justified it, that when we go to school, sometimes we do get a student loan, and I figured this was like a new type of school.

I had to figure out how to run, how to figure out this online space. What I also did was I just showed up with my. And my voice and I had to like do it scared and I had to just share what I knew and make mistakes along the way, but take some action. And so for someone starting a business right now, I feel like I wouldn’t put yourself wildly in debt until you know that you have a viable offer.

First, I would figure out one really solid offer that you know that you can get a client result with. Whatever that is, even if you’re starting your own medical clinic, right? Like what is it? How are you gonna serve that client? You know, if you’re gonna be an attorney, what area of law are you going to, you know, um, serve and, uh, and support your clients coming in.

You [00:07:00] know, I feel like. One of the things that I really help women a lot with when they come work with me, um, and people call this niche-ing down, which whatever the case is, you could still have different parts of your message to be quite honest with you, or you could have different things that you help clients with, but it’s like, who do you wanna work with?

Right? Is super, super important, but knowing that one offer is going to be wildly successful, then you’ll know if it, it’ll work. You’ll know if it’s something you wanna scale. You’ll know if it’s something that you wanna keep doing. And so I would. Putting something out there until you start seeing some success with it.

And then I wouldn’t start ex, you know, hiring too many people or doing too many. I’ve seen women do this all the time where they put themselves in such incredible debt where they’re following, you know, one mentor’s, um, you know, I almost did this too, myself when I hired this mentor. But, and, and, and I got really great results from just her, her talking to me, but not maybe her program, but, um, You know, just meeting her in person one day like that, that was, that was really valuable.

[00:08:00] But you know. Creating, uh, an eco-structure of having all of these systems in place in the background when you don’t even know if what you have works. So that’s the first step is just see are you clear on your message? Are you clear on, on who you wanna serve? Are you clear on how you wanna serve them? Are you clear on what kind of offers you want to provide?

Are you clear on how you wanna deliver those offers? How you wanna support those offers? How do you wanna move? And, you know, until I was able to build my own data bank for, uh, a portal, we call it the quantum um, vault, until I was able to put all those pro. Programs in one spot. I used like Hijabi or something else.

But there’s, there’s free spaces. You can put stuff on YouTube and just make it private and create your programs there. I think a lot of people think they have to go super fancy to start, but really you just have to start. But also be mindful about how you’re running your business. Keep track of your expenses.

Know where your money’s going. You know, one thing Oprah said is she’s like, I sign all of my checks. She knows where her [00:09:00] money’s going. You want to be a good steward of your money. You wanna know where all your money’s going, you know? Watch YouTube. You know, I have a program called the Quantum, uh, c e o, and it’s, uh, it’s gonna be out this year and it’ll be a great start for somebody who’s looking to start their business.

I’m basically gonna break down what I did, and, um, if you can, if you can step into those shoes and, and do what I did, you’ll, you know, you can have some success. Now. It’s really important that people understand though, that, um, You don’t need to buy a program right away. If you have the money to do it, great, but you can still do a lot of trial and errors.

Watch YouTube, see what people are doing online. Break it down. Try something, see if that works. But don’t, don’t think that you have to create something that is, um, . You know, I remember one time my friend’s like, you need a systems person. I’m like, I don’t even have any systems. Like you have systems. I’m like, no, I don’t really, I, I have a, here’s my offer.

I’m gonna do it in a [00:10:00] Facebook group. And that was it. I have systems now in my business, I did have somewhat of a system, but I didn’t need to hire a systems person at the time. So, you know, I went and spent $5,800 in a storyteller, which. I wanna say a waste of money, but it really wasn’t, cuz I met really great connections there and, but I thought like I really needed to know my story.

And you know, at the end of the day, you know your story, you know what parts of your story you wanna share, right? Just start just treating it like it is a real business. That’s my number one thing when you’re starting. Don’t treat it like a habit. Don’t wake up and start at three o’clock, you know, have select times in your day where you’re gonna work on your business.

It’s super important that you treat it like it is a business when you’re starting it. Also, if you have a day job and um, you have income coming from it, I would use that as the investment portion for your business. You know, find, carve out some other time in your day to work on your business cuz you have this flow of money coming in.

A lot of times I did it like the hard way. Okay. Cuz I was, I, I. [00:11:00] Okay, this is where, you know, it’s gotta, it’s gotta work right now. And I gotta say, sometimes that works too, cuz when your back is up at against the wall, you’re gonna figure out how to make it work if you are capable of doing that. And sometimes when we have a safety net, we don’t go all the way in.

So there’s pluses and minuses of, um, you know, how you’re gonna do this just if you’re, if you’re going for it. Just know that you don’t have to buy all the bells and whistles to start though. You can. An online business, as long as you’ve got something that’s valuable that you can give a client a result with.

Yeah, go ahead and do it. I hope this was some value to you. I have a lot of business questions coming through. Um, this podcast, we’re gonna talk about business, we’re gonna talk about energetics, we’re gonna talk about emotional mastery. We’re gonna talk about wealth, wealth, consciousness. It is, um, big conversations that women, um, are gonna, you know, be having.

I just know that if you have this desire to go make an impact in the world, um, And you wanna make money doing it, it is open and available for [00:12:00] you. And just because you see other people doing something in the field already, or you see how well they’re doing, it doesn’t mean that you can’t come on the scene and also have a banger and also be somebody who’s going to know something and, and show up, you know?

Um, You see singers all the time. There’s like, not all the singers that have are singing have, have sung all the songs. You know, there’s gonna be new artists that are on the scene. You know, think about that. Where you’re like a new artist on the scene. You’re, you’re, you’re someone new coming in. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how young you are, you’re an artist coming on the scene.

But just know that, be smart. If you don’t have any business background, then take a business course it is. I highly, highly recommend that I had a business degree. I’d run many businesses before and I still had things to learn about running this business. But I wasn’t gonna let that hold me back from starting, you know, just, just be weary and mindful of what you’re investing your money and time into, and who you are and what kind of debt you’re putting yourself into.

I personally don’t believe taking out a big mortgage is the way to start a business [00:13:00] or to hire a mentor or anything like that. Um, I don’t believe that, um, you know, you should be, um, Hiring somebody that’s at a really, really, really high rate when you’re starting, unless you have some business sense, because who you are right now starting might not be the same person you are later on, but maybe they might have a program you can take.

So when later on you might be more equipped to take on that mentorship. But right now you just need something to get started. So that would be my advice to you. Okay. If you enjoyed this podcast and you think someone else could really, um, enjoy it, please share it with them. Also, if you, you know, wanna leave me a review that, um, You enjoyed this.

Go ahead, please. If you have any feedback or more questions, do you want me to answer? I would happy be happy to do that. If you are looking to start your online business, um, uh, you’re looking to start any, any business or you wanna amplify your business and your messaging, your voice, I am really good at that in client selection and the avatars.

I’m gonna talk about that more. Look for my program, the Quantum CEO. Um, and if you wanna just [00:14:00] get more into my world, go download my wealth meditation at www.shaminataylor.com. And I hope you enjoyed this, and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye for now.

Podcast Ep 9. Shifting From A Scarcity To An Abundant Mindset

In this episode, Shamina covers how to identify when you’re in a scarcity or lack mindset and how to shift into a more an abundant mindset that will help align you with what you desire to create.
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Full Transcript Below

Accessing the Quantum Through Emotional-Self Mastery is an 8-week life-changing experience where you will become the most badass amazing next-level version of yourself by learning how to become the master of your emotions and not it over you. You will learn how to take action toward:
• Mastering your emotions, overhauling your mindset, up-level your life, and accessing the most amazing next-level version of yourself
• Claim your wealth in all aspects of your life
• Step into your power to receive more freely from the Universe 

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The Quantum Woman Podcast Episode 9 Transcript:

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to another episode of The Quantum Woman. I’m your host, Shamina Taylor. So in today’s episode, um, one of our listeners asked how to change our brains from believing and brains and beliefs from lack to scarcity to wealth. I’m probably gonna talk about this on a lot of episodes because I feel like it’s so much.

Um, It, it seems like it’s just so easy that we’re gonna be able to like, oh yeah, I’m just gonna start thinking positively, or I’m gonna just all of a sudden go from being, you know, in a scarcity mindset to being an abundant thinker. So I remember when I first started doing this, I was like, where is my scarcity showing up?

Like, cuz I first wanted to. Identify the problem. I also would sit there and chant like shit all the time. I would get these mala beads [00:01:00] like your girl did everything. Okay. I would get these mala beads and I would do like their 108 beads, and I would sit there and I would chant all these prosperity. Um, Mantra is sit there.

Cause they say for 21 days you can do it right. It’ll change. I mean, I did everything and I’m like, okay, I’m just gonna have abundant thinking thoughts. I’m gonna just, money’s all around me. I’m a money magnet. I love money. It’s just flowing and growing and coming in and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay, all that’s great.

But if you inherently have this lack mindset, or if you have. A scarcity mindset that stuff is going to come in, but it’s not gonna stick, right? It’s gonna, it’s gonna be, um, a Band-Aid kind of like, you know, instead of going to a deeper thing. I mean, I used to get prosperity candles. I, one time I looked like I was having a seance or something because I’d have like abundance candles.

I’d have all these [00:02:00] candles. I’d have, like, I would douse myself with all these money oils. I still kind of do that sometimes. So, um, I still have abundance candles, but, . I don’t have like the burning every minute of the day. I would literally have like a bunch of candles. Like it was probably a fire hazard, what I was doing, um, but I was trying to figure it out, right?

So this is why you’re listening to this, so you don’t have to go, um, you know, have to have an extinguisher on hand and spin all that money on candles. So I think the first part is, is to identify are you an abundant thinker or are you, or are you in scarcity? So scarcity to mindset. In my opinion, it’s a deeper story, but like, let’s just start with the basics.

You know, scarcity is like someone who feels like if someone else is winning, you can’t too, if you know. . I see it a lot online. You know, I see a lot of people who, if somebody’s celebrating a win, and I’m not saying people who are like, you know, shoving their money wins down everybody’s throats or something like that.

And I, I say that and it sounds like dramatic, [00:03:00] but where it’s like, I made like a million dollars and you didn’t, na na na boo boo, you know, kind of thing like that. But it’s, you know, I feel like women get to celebrate their success because men do it and like, why can’t we? Right. But I feel like there’s a lot of judgment around it.

So you see scarcity showing up a lot because again, remember one of my episodes, I talk about money being masculine and a lot of. That are in that scarcity mindset, do not feel safe with money. So if they see someone else having a safety with money, it’s almost like saying, I have the perfect little boyfriend and I have the perfect marriage, and you don’t.

It’s like that kind of same triggering that shows up, right? Like, why? What’s happening to me? And so a lot of people who have that same type of traumatic stuff or whatever, that scarcity mindset, they don’t feel safe when the money, they’ll make a lot, but then it’ll be like p poof, like where to go. She was gone with the wind.

I wanted to start singing that, but I might sit on this, this podcast and I can’t sing, so just don’t judge me. Um, you could judge me, whatever, but I just can’t sing. Like I, I have a song singing in my head and she was gone, like the Wind, [00:04:00] or I don’t know what this song is this like a 70 song. Um, I digress.

So, scarcity. Scarcity is, You, it’s hard to see someone else win you. If somebody, like I sometimes see my daughter have a little bit of it, um, you know, she, she has a hard time and sh she, she’ll get angry probably from sharing this, but, you know, she’s not someone that’s easily to share her food. , she’s, which, you know, a girl likes her food, but, you know, she, she’ll share after she’s done eating, but she wants to make sure she gets hers first, you know?

And, um, One thing you know, uh, about really generous people you’ll see or that live in abundance, they’ll open up whatever it is and they’ll be like, here, take one. Like, you can have it first. They won’t feel like you’ll take all of their franchise. I mean, I. I, I share my French try sometimes and sometimes I don’t.

But, um, it all depends on [00:05:00] how hungry I am. But, um, you’ll see that people have a hard time sharing. They will be very judgmental. Um, they will feel like everything is running out. Um, you know, there’s a difference between scarcity and like, I let a lot of people talk about wasting, and you’ll hear that I thought I could waste money.

I could think things could be wasted. I feel like there’s. If I believed money could be wasted, then I believe it could go away. You know, I sometimes feel like when we’re squeezing that last drop out of the, the shampoo bottle or squeezing that toothpaste last dropout, it’s because we have in our mind that we’ll waste this toothpaste.

The whole thing will be a waste if we throw it out with one thing left in there, or if we’re not scraping that jar. If strawberry jam out of the. Jar, if we’re not taking like a spatula, which I would do in the past and get every last little drop would probably gimme like half a spoonful. But I didn’t waste it.

You know, it makes me feel like things are in limitations. And so, um, if it’s limitations, then [00:06:00] there’s nothing for me. You know, it, it won’t come to me. I, I won’t be able to have that, you know, scarcity people are, um, There, there are the, the people that are the half, the half, the glass is half full. You know, they’re, they’re, they’re not people who can see, um, the possibility of what could happen.

They’re the first to tell you what’s impossible, that’s not gonna work out, or how. There’s no way their, their ability to believe is very, very like small because they only see what can’t work, what’s what the difficulties are showing up. Um, because the possibilities or the future mindset of that situation is like, well, there’s no way.

So they don’t even try. Right? So scarcity is like, I’m not gonna worry about spending that. Um, you know, abundant thinkers are like, they share. , they’re rooting you on, you know, they’re gonna celebrate you like from a really genuine place. I see this in women all the time. You’ll always see a woman who is, um, [00:07:00] genuinely, genuinely, uh, cheering on another sister or another woman in her life.

And she’s, she’ll, she’ll celebrate you. You get, feel it like, it’s like she, she knows it lifting you. Is not gonna tear her down or take away from her. And you’ll see that part of her that’s, you know, in abundance, which is a great start because a lot of people don’t have that. They, their jealousy is getting in the way cuz if they think if somebody else has it, and that scarcity of mindset, that means you don’t have it.

So that what’s your, what’s your vibrational frequency that you’re gonna be at? Like, lack, because it means if someone else has it, they took it from you. Right. So I don’t feel like anybody can take anything from me. You know? It. I always see when a woman’s doing something that shows me the possibility that I can do it.

I know not everybody’s wired like that, and it took me a long time to get her because, uh, your girl was in scarcity, uh, for a while. You know? Um, scarcity is a lot of [00:08:00] resentment. You’ll feel like you’re, you, you resent things in people, uh, abundance. You were like, you know, you could look at a situation and be like, okay, I’ll learn from that, you know?

Or scarcity, they’re gonna live that same thought process, that same belief, that same experience over and over again. It’s gonna become law for them, right? Where an abundant thinker’s like, well that happened once. Like, you know, what happened a couple times? It’s not gonna be what’s gonna happen again.

They’re gonna like, feel into the possibility that new things could happen. There’s, could be a new story. Um, it doesn’t have to be the old story, right? Um, abundance thinking is. Helping somebody, like just generally stopping and give your time, you know, letting people in when you’re driving too. Um, it’s like, you know, stopping for two seconds to hold the door up for somebody.

Like, you know, people who are in scarcity and lack, they’re usually pretty selfish. They’re very, um, you know, what’s in it for me? Where an abundant thinkers, like, what’s in it for us? You know, [00:09:00] what, how can I help you? And. Me too, right? You know, or something. Or how can I just help you? Um, what I would do if you’re looking to shift into more of abundance thinking, um, you know, scarcity people, they complain a lot.

They blame a lot. They’re, it’s, it’s always someone else’s fault. Why they don’t have what they want. They don’t take responsibility for things in their lives. Um, they’re not in a place of power, usually abundant people. Um, they’re like, okay, this happened. You know, like I said, there’s a mistake or, or something that didn’t go away as planned.

Okay, I’m gonna learn from it. Um, abundance people know there’s an overflow, there’s, there’s, there’s more where that came from, you know, and if something should, should have depleted, well, it’ll get replenished. Uh, it’ll be okay, you know? Uh, we’ll figure it out. It’s not the end of the world. Uh, you’ll, you’ll hear it in the way people.

You’ll hear it. You’ll [00:10:00] hear it. You’ll see it in their behaviors and how they treat people. Um, You know, my grandmother, she used to carry this, this purse and her bosoms, she had brick breasts and she was always the first person to open up that little satchel. Maybe you had a grandma like that and pull out money for you to go get like ice cream or give you money for something.

I mean, she was, she was always baking and always doing things and. , um, you know, she was just, she was, she was just a giver. And you’ll see that there’s certain people in your life that are just gonna be like that. Right? That they’re gonna, they’re, you just always even count on them. You could feel that. Um, sometimes I could be toxic too, if they’re not, like, if they’re just giving to people, please.

But I’m not saying my grandma did that, but, you know, some people could do that. So there’s a caveat there, which will come up in other episodes. I would look at somebody who you feel has a strong mindset around abundance. [00:11:00] I tell you, they’re not attached to money. Um, money doesn’t have that kind of control over them.

They are so happy with what they have. They are in so much gratitude and appreciation for. Everything, everything and anything. You know, I keep having this vision of Gandhi while I’m talking about this. I don’t know why, but it’s like somebody who would seemingly not have anything, probably had felt the most abundant, um, because of the peace that they had, or, you know, the knowing the.

The, the acceptance, the celebration of life of where you’re at. Um, I don’t think things make us feel abundant. I think it’s an energy that’s within us and we start to feel appreciation for their lives. You know, like breathing in this air, like take a deep breath with me, like right there. That’s abundance, right?

Like you get to take a breath. Someone just took their last, you know, like, what could we really sit and be [00:12:00] appreciative for? You know, that, that. I think that’s how we switch. It’s, it’s people who are like, um, reliving and recycling old stories and, you know, the poor me syndrome. Um, why hasn’t it happened yet?

Instead of like, you know, or it’s never gonna happen, you know, or, um, and not having appreciation for your life. I always look at people who have lost a lot. And there’s still smile. Like, you know, I, I love stories about people who have overcome such incredible tragedies, like even maybe losing a limb or, you know, and, and just against all odds, still going for it because at some point in their life they had to decide like, I was gonna just go and be happy and persevere.

Or I could sit here and feel sorry for myself and talk about all the things that have happened in my life that weren’t. . That to me is like the basis of just an abundant thinking. [00:13:00] It’s um, it’s moving over from poor me to oh me, like, wow. Me, like, yes, me. Like this is amazing me. And that’s power in your thought process.

So I would spend a week. Uh, every day I write a gratitude journal. Lately I’ve been slipping and I, I notice when I do things shift in my life because the more grateful I am every day about the things that are going on. I mean, you can find gratitude in everything, right? Like the sun came out today, like my daughter gave me the most amazing hug, or I heard from an old friend or,

I had a great idea, or you know, I had an amazing workout. I had such good sleep. Like it doesn’t have to be for grandiose things in your life. I feel like when we’re in appreciation for a lot of the little things in our life, it builds up. The momentum for greater abundance because instead of sitting there, [00:14:00] um, complaining, you’re actually in gratitude and appreciation for this precise moment.

So you’re shifting out of like someone who’s not in control of their emotions in life into someone who’s in full of control of their emotions in life. Cuz even if shit hits the fan, right, you can still find something to be grateful for. When that fan, you know, gets cleaned up, maybe that shit had to hit, hit the fan so something could come through.

You know, we, we always feel like things have to be delivered to us in a silver platter, but they don’t. Right? So abundance thinking is the beginning. This is the beginning. And while I’ll come talk about this for more, more episodes to come, just start really being appreciative of. People in your life and experiences and sunsets and sunrises [00:15:00] and good sleep and that, that air, there’s one in your lungs like that alone.

I, for a while there, I’d wake up every morning and I would say, thank you, thank you, thank you. I mean, my eyes woke up and I woke up today. That would change the game for me about how I looked at the rest of the day. I was like, I get another chance to do this life the way I want to. So a lot of times people wake up and they wake up really happy, but then they pick up all the shit from the day before and they take their abundance that’s full tank and they just like crush it.

because they think about all the things that aren’t going right and all the things they need to worry about and all the things that they’re suffering with. And, and they just take themselves right out of appreciation for life. And, and people sometimes will be stuck in that cycle. And if you’re one of them, I invite you to really start looking deeper inside of yourself to like, well, how do [00:16:00] I like who I am right now?

And do I wanna change? And if you don’t, Keep doing you. But if you wanna go into more of abundance thinking, it starts with these basic things of how you operate on a daily basis. If you enjoyed this podcast episode, if we wanna talk more and have a greater conversation about this and you wanna ask more questions or you feel like I, you want to find out more, tell me message.

Um, maybe you wanna leave me a review. Um, you know, if, if it felt like it called you or you wanna share this with somebody else, I’d love, I’d love for you to do that. I feel like, you know, when we’re in scarcity, we’re in suffering and we don’t need to do that. We don’t need to be in suffering. We need to be in a place of free flowing, abundance, love enjoyment.

We came here to have those beautiful experiences too. But a lot of times when you’re scarcity, it’s your default mode, and it’s not a place of, um, thriving. It’s surviving Again, if you enjoy this, um, Share it with somebody, leave me a review and, um, stay tuned for the next [00:17:00] episode. I hope that you’re enjoying this series, and if you are, I’d love to hear from you.

You can go to my website and download my wealth meditation. It is amazing. It is going to help you, um, just start feeling into more wealth. You don’t need to meditate, just go listen to it. But if you do meditate, you’ll enjoy it. And. My book is coming out and locking the Quantum Woman. I can’t wait for you to get a copy of that in your hands.

And if you wanna work with me further, I’ve got so many different programs. It’s on my website. I’ve got a yearlong, um, membership called the um, Conscious collective, uh, year membership. And it’s for people who wanna come join into a community where we are gonna do our teaching, we’re gonna do a meditation, they’re gonna be a q and a, we get to get down and dirty, and maybe you want higher level support and my masterminds are there, or other support.

I’m here for you. And, um, or just keep tuning in. All right. I’ll talk to you soon. Stay, stay tuned for the next episode. Have a great one. Bye for now.

Podcast Ep 8. Finding Who And What You Want In Your Life

In this episode, Shamina talks about the importance of becoming the creator of your reality and finding who and what you truly desire in life. 
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Full Transcript Below

Accessing the Quantum Through Emotional-Self Mastery is an 8-week life-changing experience where you will become the most badass amazing next-level version of yourself by learning how to become the master of your emotions and not it over you. You will learn how to take action toward:
• Mastering your emotions, overhauling your mindset, up-level your life, and accessing the most amazing next-level version of yourself
• Claim your wealth in all aspects of your life
• Step into your power to receive more freely from the Universe 

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Podcast Episode 8 Transcript:
[00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Quantum Woman. I’m your host, Shamina Taylor. And in this episode, um, We’re gonna talk about who and what you want in your life. This actually was some, uh, something that one of our listeners, um, wanted me to talk about. So, who and what you want in your life. I feel like we are the creator of Re Our Reality, so we are the creators of our reality.

I, I do believe that. I’ll say that. You’ll hear me say that over and over again. If you can take full responsibility. The things that are happening in your life, that means that you can be the person that gets to be the solution person. You get to create what you want. If you feel like you don’t have power and things are happening on the outside of you, well then guess what?

You don’t have the power to have things happen on the inside. Um, who and what you want on your life are. A decision. It comes down to a decision. You know, if there’s people in your life [00:01:00] right now that you aren’t serving you or not bringing you to a place where you have pure enjoyment for having them there, I, I would ask yourself and, you know, why are they there?

Why, what, what is really keeping them in your life, you know? This year, 2022, I have, you know, once again gone through a shift of the type of clients that I wanna work with. Um, the type of friendships that I want in my life, uh, the type of family I want in my life. Uh, they say you can pick your friends, you can’t pick your family, right?

But, um, I think when you raise your standards of what you’ll tolerate in your life and what you’ll allow, You change your frequency about what you’re gonna admit. So this year was the breaking of toxic patterns for me. Like 2002 is gonna go down as the year that I finally broke that cycle. And I really healed through, um, my past traumas and P T S D and hypervigilance, everything that was [00:02:00] around toxic relationships and.

You know, I remember going to seek out practitioners and they would say, Shamina, you’re so amazing. Like, why are you putting up with this? Or like, why are you allowing this client in your life? Why are you allowing this men, you know, da da da da. You don’t need any more mentors. You’re like so amazing.

You are the mentor. You know, I remember working with a wizard and he’s like, yeah, I worked, done. You surpassed me. And this guy was straight up wizard and he’s freaking phenomenal. And, um,

When, when you’re in a cycle, sometimes you allow people that don’t serve you like that are, I guess what I’m saying is that they’re at half mass in your life. You know, they’re not all the way supporting you. They’re not there to, um, see you when all the way they’re there. Maybe when you’re kind of winning or when you’re down, you know there’s people in your life that are gonna be.

I don’t like this word so much, [00:03:00] but like energy of empires, they call ’em, or people that are just gonna freeload off of your emotions. And it’s your responsibility. And it’s my responsibility to be like, okay, why am I in this situation again? So it’s somebody that you don’t feel like you want anymore. And I’m telling you, when I had to end my marriage, man, that was.

That was one of the hardest things I had to do in my life because, you know, not everything was bad. Like, I can’t say that, you know, my ex-husband is a good man in a lot of ways. It’s just, I, I lost myself in that marriage and I was not, um, Who I am today. And I don’t know if we, if I stayed there, I would become her.

So it was a really hard decision choosing myself outta that situation. I just knew that it, it wasn’t a situation where I was growing anymore and I was only surviving. And I was sustaining and it wasn’t, uh, a place of growth. And I, I, my, my [00:04:00] soul was calling me to grow cuz there was something bigger for me to do.

And looking back at the last 10 years of what’s transpired since the first time that I, you know, separated from him. It was a really hard decision to have that relationship end and um, some of them were really, And some of them are quite easy and you might still miss that person when you still let them go.

Doesn’t mean you stop loving them. You know, there’s some friendships that have left my life and I still have lots of emotions for these people. I, you know, sometimes wanna go pick up the phone and call ’em, especially if I’ve seen something and then I remember, no, no, no. Like, you know, we’re, we’re. That person is not, wasn’t serving you anymore.

I dunno if it’s a Gemini thing or the way I’m wired, but sometimes I just forget things that have happened and I’m like, oh yeah, I would love to just pick up. And then I’m like, no, I’ll get this gut feeling in me like that they weren’t, they weren’t good for you. I notice that when I’m elevating and I’m healing through something and I’m becoming a greater version of [00:05:00] myself, what happens is, There’s gonna be people that grow with me, and there’s gonna be people that grow away from me.

And, and it’s like the people that grow with me is easy because they’re coming with me. But the people that grow away from me, that’s the hardest thing because you want everybody to come with you. I remember the first time I really witnessed this on a really grand scale was in one of my masterminds, uh, a period of change in growth.

I saw myself just moving at lightning speed. I was moving faster, I was taking action and. The women that were there kind of from the beginning with me, only a few of them came with me, and the rest were just like dropping off like a slides. And it was really hard for me because, you know, I wanted everybody to come.

I wanted everybody to have this success. I wanted everybody, but not everybody was able to or was wired the way I was or I. Was like me. So I realized I had to change my messaging. I had to change who I was speaking to. I couldn’t call people in that at that level where I was before because they wouldn’t move as fast as I did.

And then for a period of time, I had called in some really, really, really powerful women, and a few [00:06:00] came in that I thought were powerful and that weren’t as powerful, and so they weren’t ready for this change. And you’ll see as soon as you. Like rock it up. The, there’s people that will jump and, and go with you cuz they’re like, I, she’s not leaving me behind, you know?

Um, I have a client that’s been in all my programs and she’s like, you’re not going anywhere. I’m going with you. You know? Um, but. There’s some that will get triggered as how fast you’re going, and then they’ll feel like, well, she’s leaving me behind. And then a lot of abandonment will come up, or a lot of the sister ones will come up and they’ll feel like betrayed because somebody is outgrowing them.

And it’ll turn around and they’ll think like, well, I’m outgrowing you. But really, you know, it’s like this process is really hard. You know, certain friendships, sometimes, you know, I’ve got a, a new philosophy of friendships. Cuz us usually before it would be like, well, you know, I love having people in my life that I just, that are easy and are fun and that, you know, [00:07:00] have my back and that I really enjoy.

But I found when I’ve gotten to this level of where I’m at right now, I need super powerful women that are at. My level or even above me because it is, it is incredibly hard to be at this place. Um, even just going out for dinner, you know, and knowing that someone’s still struggling to pay a bill and that you could buy the bill all the time, but you shouldn’t be always the one that’s paying the bill.

When you have a friendship like that, there should be a give and take, right. And. I realize I’m just giving, that’s giving you a small example, but just the goals, like the mindset, the conversations, they won’t be at the level that you need. And when you’re in this growth game, you’re moving so quickly.

Sometimes those high school friends or friends you’ve had for 10 or 15 years or 20 years, you know, they’ll still be great to meet up with for like, you know, the holidays or whatnot, to have a chit chat, but they may not be people that’s in your everyday life. , maybe they’ll be there and they can cheer you on, but they’re not gonna be the people that are gonna be like, you know, behind you going go like, come on.

Or [00:08:00] inspiring you because she’s moving and you wanna move with her. I feel like when you’re at this level, you need people in your life, they’re gonna inspire you to change. They’re gonna, you know, um, they’re gonna, uh, I don’t wanna say trigger, but they’re gonna like, They’re gonna make you step it up because just because of who they are and what they’re doing, you know, there’s going to, it’s not that you’re in competition with them, but you’re gonna be like, okay, let’s all go.

You know? And you want someone that’s gonna be able to cheer you on without, like, that, um, that jealousy of what happens when, you know, uh, certain women are expanding and you. I don’t ever want anybody to feel like that. That’s why I love my mastermind because every woman in there, I’m cheering her on, like, her success is my success.

Like, I want her to do better than me. I want her to supersede whatever she’s coming in to do. Because is because that means what I’m doing works. You know? When I see a woman going beyond, beyond, beyond, I’m like, okay, this is great. You know? [00:09:00] I, um, and it, it sometimes you. You can’t be triggered as a mentor when, you know, um, I’ve seen it happen where people are like, whoa.

Like she’s, she’s really doing it. And then my mentor would go and step it up too. Um, I remember this happened with a guy once and he was like, wow, she’s just killing the game. Like, and he went and did it too. So you just don’t know who you’ll motivate. Um, but being in, uh, being yourself and attracting that, I feel like.

There has to be a conscious, um, decision about who you want in your life. I don’t wanna date men that aren’t successful, that aren’t smart, that aren’t, um, you know, Making his own cash. Like he’s, you know, he’s got his own thing going on. You know, a couple of my guy friends are like, look, not everybody’s gonna be a multimillionaire like you, but maybe he’ll be doing great.

And I’m like, what? Why can’t I have. Dude, that’s a multimillionaire too. Like, hello. [00:10:00] You know, why would I have to sacrifice that? But, you know, I’m still, I’m still staying with the qualities that I want in a man. Not necessarily the money, cuz just cuz a man’s making money doesn’t mean he’s going to be, you know, the right one for me.

There’s gotta be all the other qualities too, but, I think you have to make a conscious decision. You have to describe the type of people that you want. You have to be intentional, and you have to be intentional of who’s not allowed in your life. Who are you not going to lay down with? Who are you not going to spend time with?

Because as you’re spending time with people, you’re exchanging energy. Whatever thoughts are in them, whatever their frequency is, whatever they’re admitting that’s coming towards you, right? And so it’s a conscious decision about what exchange of energy you’re having with this person. and um, you know, certain family members we can’t get rid of and some we can.

Um, but you know, who do you wanna keep at a minimum and an arm’s length? Cuz you’re allowed to, you know, there’s no rule that you have to have them all the way in anymore, cuz say they’re not gonna be one of your biggest supporters. So why would you have them around in your life [00:11:00] if they’re gonna be someone that’s gonna be knocking your success or always saying things to make you feel like shit?

Because is that who you really want in your life? Somebody who’s making you feel bad. I mean, I had that person in my life for a long time and you know, my whole family, we just got rid of that person because they were not our biggest supporters or biggest fans. They would, you know, sometimes you would do something good and it’d be like, oh, that’s great.

But then a backhanded comment would come around afterwards and it was like, oh, well here’s my cornflakes. You can just be right dearly in them and just forget the, you know, other stuff. And, um, that’s no bueno, right. Yeah, it’s, it’s an intentional thing and I feel like if you have people in your life that are causing you grief and havoc, what’s your.

Because you haven’t, you haven’t set up good boundaries. You have not laid out what you really want. You’ve allowed people in, I, like I said, this is my fault when I was doing this, and the more that you say no to the people that you don’t want in your life, all of a sudden the people [00:12:00] that you really do desire because you’re like, mm-hmm.

No to that start coming in, or different people come in to fill different parts. Of your soul and make you feel a certain way, and all of a sudden your frequency goes up, your vibration goes up. Here’s dangers go up. And now you’re like, oh, remember when I would’ve allowed that behavior before? Like that would never happen.

Now remember when, like that type of person would come in, that would never happen. Now remember, I used to work with that type of client. That would never happen. Now, you know, remember I used to attract that type of mentor. That would never happen. Now, you know, it’s just. It, everything changes. And when you start to change, ironically, sometimes even the family members that irritate the shit outta you, they start to change too, right?

Um, you know, some women are like, well, how about my husband or my significant other? They’re so negative, and how do I get rid? I don’t, I don’t wanna get rid of him. I really love him. Okay? You can’t change them. So to stop pushing the books up their nose and telling them all the things that you’re listening to, or getting ’em to listen to this episode, or putting it on like 10 while you’re cleaning and having them listen what [00:13:00] you can.

I start being you and being more in your energy and see if they shift. Because sometimes it takes people feeling you in a different way for their frequency to shift around too. I do believe that’s how good energy gets spread. So Yeah, and they’re gonna have to do their own work too. Right. And sometimes when people see you changing, they wanna change too, or they wanna judge you.

But the ones that wanna change and come with you, they will. And the ones that don’t, well, I love Vista baby. Bye-bye. I’ll see you later. Uh, I got enough time for that. You know, it’s crazy because people take it personally. They take it personally. When you start growing, they start thinking, oh, she’s too good for this.

She’s too good for me. And I tell you as I’ve gotten to. A higher level of success. I realized the importance of really cultivating good friendships and being there. And it requires me picking up the phone. It [00:14:00] requires me texting people. It requires me also being that person to invite that person in my life.

And not always waiting for someone to invite me, but making plans with them, checking in on them. Um, just because your friends are strong doesn’t mean they don’t wanna hear from you. Uh, it’s a whole nother episode, but, Who you have in your life right now is gonna come down to a decision and a choice. And it might not be a permanent decision, but it could be a temporary one.

It could be one that you need clarity on. So sometimes if people are wreaking havoc in your life, maybe you need to put them on pause, take a break, go assess. See how you feel. See why you still have ’em there. See why you, you know, why you felt better when they weren’t. Um, and see how you can maybe navigate them in the future if you don’t wanna totally move them aside.

And maybe cutting people out too quickly might not be the gr greatest idea, but sometimes. That has to happen. And sometimes you’ve been allowing and lingering relationships in your life too long and making excuses for people’s behavior. And you’ve had people in your life like that because they [00:15:00] were filling a need, a traumatic part of yourself, or some part of you that was just needing, you know, that wounded little self of yours was attracting another little playmate to play with.

And perhaps that was time to cut the cords on that one. So, uh, cutting the cord is one of the greatest, uh, spiritual practices that I’ve, I’ve, I’ve really done. And it is, uh, pretty powerful. I have quite a few of them in my, my, um, programs, and it’s something that I, um, uh, I practice and especially around full moons and whatnot.

Speaking of which, if you aren’t in the Conscious Collective membership, it’s a year long membership that I have. It’s a really low investment, but we do a lot of meditations a month, training a month, um, you know, my high tickets, multiple five figures, but this is a very low investment. Go check on my website, go get the information.

It’s a conscious, collective membership. I hope you enjoyed this, uh, episode. I talk about things in a different way. You know, people are like, just get the negativity out of your life. But [00:16:00] sometimes we are the negativity, you know, because we’re allowing it or we’re, we’re having people around because they’re serving a purpose for us.

So we gotta check in why that person was there in the first place. You know, I’m always gonna lead you down Accountability road. It’s always gonna be like, well, why’d you allow that? And looking back, even the type of clients, why did I let that client through? Eh, even when they had the red flag. Eh, why’d I let that guy through?

Even though like it was Red Flag Central. Right. Uh, it’s me. It’s back to me. And why’d I let that, you know, parent talk to me that way? That that neighbor or that person, that friend, why don’t I speak up, eh, back to me. You know? And we get stronger the more that we use our voice. We realize where we are in our power.

And sometimes, you know, uh, it is our fault and, uh, we have to take accountability for that. So, , I hope you enjoy this. If you know that somebody would love to hear this, and maybe you do need to put this on 10 and play it somewhere, and so somebody else can listen to it and you can just seep into their subconscious and be like, Hmm.

Maybe they’ll [00:17:00] shift. I don’t know. But um, or maybe you’re just gonna send it to a friend and be like, Hey girl, listen to this. Or Guy, if you’re listening, um, Go download my wealth meditation. It’s free. Uh, I can start bringing in some cash for you. And I’ve got a quiz out there that you could probably take and it’ll really help you set up if you wanna work with me further.

I’m Shamina Taylor, and thank you for spending this time with me. And if you enjoyed this, leave me a review and send me some feedback. Talk to you soon. Bye for now.

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