Podcast Ep 10. First Steps In Starting A Business


In this episode, Shamina shares the first steps in starting a business and the pitfalls to avoid.
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The Quantum Woman Podcast Episode 10 Transcript: How To Start A Business

[00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Quantum Woman. I’m your host, Shamina Taylor. In today’s episode, we’re going to answer one of the listeners’ questions was how do you start your business and, um, what are the pitfalls to avoid and, um, What would, you know, first stop, be and whatnot? I feel personally, this is my experience, um, and this is just how I built my business, is that there has to be a clear, um, vision for the business.

Like you have a clear vision, but also a clear vision for the business. You know, what do you want to accomplish in your business? What do you want this business to do in the world? Right? And. There has to be something that’s there that this business is going to do. Like, what is the message that you’re gonna be bringing out with this business?

I think a lot of the times when I see people starting businesses, they’re, they’re, they’re looking for something that they’re gonna get [00:01:00] rich quick with. Or they’re, how is this gonna turn over a profit? How am I gonna make money with this? And. You know, that’s not good or bad, or right or wrong. I just know that when there’s a bigger why behind why you’re starting your business, there’s gonna be a different energy that’s behind it.

And again, I’m teaching from just my experience, but I found that when you have your heart into a business and you have, there’s a deeper meaning there. You’re gonna want to see that business grow in a different way. You’re gonna be in love with it. It’s not gonna feel like work to you. It’s gonna be an extension of what’s going on within you that’s going on around.

And especially when you’re a service provider, um, you know, And say like, say self-development or even as a doctor or as an attorney or whoever you are, interior di designer, real estate agent, there should be a reason why you’re in that field. You know? Um, there should be something that’s driving you behind just being and showing up every day in that profession.

And for me personally, [00:02:00] when I started this business, I was leaving the practice of law because I had a calling that came to me, something that said, Hey, you know, There’s something else that you’re supposed to do in this world. And I struggled, I struggled with it, um, a lot because it was like, Hey, I’ve got this $250,000 education here and, um, hello.

Everybody would love to be an attorney. Like, what, what are you doing? Right? Um, but I knew there was something bigger and I, and I struggled with it because I’m like, can you have. Can you have two things that you’re really good at, or two callings in a lifetime? Could there be two things that you, you know, you came here to do and, and I realize there could be multiple things.

You know, there could be multiple things, what you came here to do, and sometimes people go through phases where they’re doing, you know, a different. A different thing in their life, and then they go and do another thing. And I feel like that’s the progression of where my life was. And if you have listened to my story, you know that I had an awakening and I knew that there was something bigger.

I couldn’t see it at the time, 10 years ago when I started transitioning, but I see it now so clearly like, oh. And I keep seeing it clear and [00:03:00] clear as I’m showing up. Like there’s something greater and greater, greater I’m supposed to be doing. So when I started the business, I had. Money’s zero. Zero.

Nothing. Nothing. And um, all I had was a little bit of space in my credit card. You know, I was, uh, newly, um, divorced and I had to figure out what the heck I was gonna do. And I had this struggle, like, do I go back and practice law and or what do I do? I had some money that I could play with. I had a little bit of time where I could figure things out, and I knew that, um, My insides needed to be in alignment for me to go forward.

Cuz I, I had a lot of disconnection. I probably, you know, I wanted to start doing something earlier and I remember I’m like, oh, I’m gonna go to this now. But then, you know, spirit was like, sit down. Like you need to process, you need to learn some more. You need to clear some more. You know, and then I got to the point where like, oh, I’m ready now.

And when I was ready, I just, like, in one of the previous episodes, I just took [00:04:00] action. I just, you know, I made a Facebook post and I said, Hey, reach out to me. You know, if you, if this resonates with you and you like some help, I had no idea what coaching was or mentoring was. I never considered myself a coach.

I always considered myself a mentor. Cause I felt like whoever I was leading was gonna be somebody that was like, in a similar path and a slimmer, similar storyline. You know, they, they, they had similar. Um, experiences in life and they’re just looking for someone to be a flashlight, like, okay, where would we go next?

How do I get there? And so that’s why I picked, you know, that the title of mentor. . Um, so I had no money and I, but I had a phone. Um, I had my experiences. Um, at this point I had done almost five years of internal work and, um, it still wasn’t done and still never is completely. But I got to a place where I feel very, very good and I just took action.

I figured what I knew at that time was enough to lead somebody else out of where they were, to where I could get them. Now, I sold the program, made some. [00:05:00] Sold another program, made some money. Mentored a couple people, learned a lot and realized I didn’t what, what I wanted to do, what I didn’t wanna do, and then I had to regroup and then I went back out again and I did it again, but I made it.

I made a clear plan for myself, what programs did I want to teach and create? What part of my journey was it that I wanted to do? And so I created my business from. Zero. Right. And sometimes it was negative zero, but I took that money and then I reinvested it back into myself. And then in my business, maybe purchasing programs to create landing pages like ClickFunnels or to, um, you know, Get a membership for Canva when, you know, the free one wasn’t enough, or to start investing in certain business programs or to start, you know, working on my email list, um, you know, with active campaign and different things.

So I started taking that money and reinvesting back in mentors and then in and business programs, and then I eventually grew. What I didn’t do was I. Put myself, um, in a place of [00:06:00] taking out a loan for my business. I did put things on credit cards because in my mind, this is how I justified it, that when we go to school, sometimes we do get a student loan, and I figured this was like a new type of school.

I had to figure out how to run, how to figure out this online space. What I also did was I just showed up with my. And my voice and I had to like do it scared and I had to just share what I knew and make mistakes along the way, but take some action. And so for someone starting a business right now, I feel like I wouldn’t put yourself wildly in debt until you know that you have a viable offer.

First, I would figure out one really solid offer that you know that you can get a client result with. Whatever that is, even if you’re starting your own medical clinic, right? Like what is it? How are you gonna serve that client? You know, if you’re gonna be an attorney, what area of law are you going to, you know, um, serve and, uh, and support your clients coming in.

You [00:07:00] know, I feel like. One of the things that I really help women a lot with when they come work with me, um, and people call this niche-ing down, which whatever the case is, you could still have different parts of your message to be quite honest with you, or you could have different things that you help clients with, but it’s like, who do you wanna work with?

Right? Is super, super important, but knowing that one offer is going to be wildly successful, then you’ll know if it, it’ll work. You’ll know if it’s something you wanna scale. You’ll know if it’s something that you wanna keep doing. And so I would. Putting something out there until you start seeing some success with it.

And then I wouldn’t start ex, you know, hiring too many people or doing too many. I’ve seen women do this all the time where they put themselves in such incredible debt where they’re following, you know, one mentor’s, um, you know, I almost did this too, myself when I hired this mentor. But, and, and, and I got really great results from just her, her talking to me, but not maybe her program, but, um, You know, just meeting her in person one day like that, that was, that was really valuable.

[00:08:00] But you know. Creating, uh, an eco-structure of having all of these systems in place in the background when you don’t even know if what you have works. So that’s the first step is just see are you clear on your message? Are you clear on, on who you wanna serve? Are you clear on how you wanna serve them? Are you clear on what kind of offers you want to provide?

Are you clear on how you wanna deliver those offers? How you wanna support those offers? How do you wanna move? And, you know, until I was able to build my own data bank for, uh, a portal, we call it the quantum um, vault, until I was able to put all those pro. Programs in one spot. I used like Hijabi or something else.

But there’s, there’s free spaces. You can put stuff on YouTube and just make it private and create your programs there. I think a lot of people think they have to go super fancy to start, but really you just have to start. But also be mindful about how you’re running your business. Keep track of your expenses.

Know where your money’s going. You know, one thing Oprah said is she’s like, I sign all of my checks. She knows where her [00:09:00] money’s going. You want to be a good steward of your money. You wanna know where all your money’s going, you know? Watch YouTube. You know, I have a program called the Quantum, uh, c e o, and it’s, uh, it’s gonna be out this year and it’ll be a great start for somebody who’s looking to start their business.

I’m basically gonna break down what I did, and, um, if you can, if you can step into those shoes and, and do what I did, you’ll, you know, you can have some success. Now. It’s really important that people understand though, that, um, You don’t need to buy a program right away. If you have the money to do it, great, but you can still do a lot of trial and errors.

Watch YouTube, see what people are doing online. Break it down. Try something, see if that works. But don’t, don’t think that you have to create something that is, um, . You know, I remember one time my friend’s like, you need a systems person. I’m like, I don’t even have any systems. Like you have systems. I’m like, no, I don’t really, I, I have a, here’s my offer.

I’m gonna do it in a [00:10:00] Facebook group. And that was it. I have systems now in my business, I did have somewhat of a system, but I didn’t need to hire a systems person at the time. So, you know, I went and spent $5,800 in a storyteller, which. I wanna say a waste of money, but it really wasn’t, cuz I met really great connections there and, but I thought like I really needed to know my story.

And you know, at the end of the day, you know your story, you know what parts of your story you wanna share, right? Just start just treating it like it is a real business. That’s my number one thing when you’re starting. Don’t treat it like a habit. Don’t wake up and start at three o’clock, you know, have select times in your day where you’re gonna work on your business.

It’s super important that you treat it like it is a business when you’re starting it. Also, if you have a day job and um, you have income coming from it, I would use that as the investment portion for your business. You know, find, carve out some other time in your day to work on your business cuz you have this flow of money coming in.

A lot of times I did it like the hard way. Okay. Cuz I was, I, I. [00:11:00] Okay, this is where, you know, it’s gotta, it’s gotta work right now. And I gotta say, sometimes that works too, cuz when your back is up at against the wall, you’re gonna figure out how to make it work if you are capable of doing that. And sometimes when we have a safety net, we don’t go all the way in.

So there’s pluses and minuses of, um, you know, how you’re gonna do this just if you’re, if you’re going for it. Just know that you don’t have to buy all the bells and whistles to start though. You can. An online business, as long as you’ve got something that’s valuable that you can give a client a result with.

Yeah, go ahead and do it. I hope this was some value to you. I have a lot of business questions coming through. Um, this podcast, we’re gonna talk about business, we’re gonna talk about energetics, we’re gonna talk about emotional mastery. We’re gonna talk about wealth, wealth, consciousness. It is, um, big conversations that women, um, are gonna, you know, be having.

I just know that if you have this desire to go make an impact in the world, um, And you wanna make money doing it, it is open and available for [00:12:00] you. And just because you see other people doing something in the field already, or you see how well they’re doing, it doesn’t mean that you can’t come on the scene and also have a banger and also be somebody who’s going to know something and, and show up, you know?

Um, You see singers all the time. There’s like, not all the singers that have are singing have, have sung all the songs. You know, there’s gonna be new artists that are on the scene. You know, think about that. Where you’re like a new artist on the scene. You’re, you’re, you’re someone new coming in. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how young you are, you’re an artist coming on the scene.

But just know that, be smart. If you don’t have any business background, then take a business course it is. I highly, highly recommend that I had a business degree. I’d run many businesses before and I still had things to learn about running this business. But I wasn’t gonna let that hold me back from starting, you know, just, just be weary and mindful of what you’re investing your money and time into, and who you are and what kind of debt you’re putting yourself into.

I personally don’t believe taking out a big mortgage is the way to start a business [00:13:00] or to hire a mentor or anything like that. Um, I don’t believe that, um, you know, you should be, um, Hiring somebody that’s at a really, really, really high rate when you’re starting, unless you have some business sense, because who you are right now starting might not be the same person you are later on, but maybe they might have a program you can take.

So when later on you might be more equipped to take on that mentorship. But right now you just need something to get started. So that would be my advice to you. Okay. If you enjoyed this podcast and you think someone else could really, um, enjoy it, please share it with them. Also, if you, you know, wanna leave me a review that, um, You enjoyed this.

Go ahead, please. If you have any feedback or more questions, do you want me to answer? I would happy be happy to do that. If you are looking to start your online business, um, uh, you’re looking to start any, any business or you wanna amplify your business and your messaging, your voice, I am really good at that in client selection and the avatars.

I’m gonna talk about that more. Look for my program, the Quantum CEO. Um, and if you wanna just [00:14:00] get more into my world, go download my wealth meditation at www.shaminataylor.com. And I hope you enjoyed this, and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye for now.


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