Podcast Ep 9. Shifting From A Scarcity To An Abundant Mindset


In this episode, Shamina covers how to identify when you’re in a scarcity or lack mindset and how to shift into a more an abundant mindset that will help align you with what you desire to create.
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The Quantum Woman Podcast Episode 9 Transcript:

[00:00:00] Hello and welcome to another episode of The Quantum Woman. I’m your host, Shamina Taylor. So in today’s episode, um, one of our listeners asked how to change our brains from believing and brains and beliefs from lack to scarcity to wealth. I’m probably gonna talk about this on a lot of episodes because I feel like it’s so much.

Um, It, it seems like it’s just so easy that we’re gonna be able to like, oh yeah, I’m just gonna start thinking positively, or I’m gonna just all of a sudden go from being, you know, in a scarcity mindset to being an abundant thinker. So I remember when I first started doing this, I was like, where is my scarcity showing up?

Like, cuz I first wanted to. Identify the problem. I also would sit there and chant like shit all the time. I would get these mala beads [00:01:00] like your girl did everything. Okay. I would get these mala beads and I would do like their 108 beads, and I would sit there and I would chant all these prosperity. Um, Mantra is sit there.

Cause they say for 21 days you can do it right. It’ll change. I mean, I did everything and I’m like, okay, I’m just gonna have abundant thinking thoughts. I’m gonna just, money’s all around me. I’m a money magnet. I love money. It’s just flowing and growing and coming in and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay, all that’s great.

But if you inherently have this lack mindset, or if you have. A scarcity mindset that stuff is going to come in, but it’s not gonna stick, right? It’s gonna, it’s gonna be, um, a Band-Aid kind of like, you know, instead of going to a deeper thing. I mean, I used to get prosperity candles. I, one time I looked like I was having a seance or something because I’d have like abundance candles.

I’d have all these [00:02:00] candles. I’d have, like, I would douse myself with all these money oils. I still kind of do that sometimes. So, um, I still have abundance candles, but, . I don’t have like the burning every minute of the day. I would literally have like a bunch of candles. Like it was probably a fire hazard, what I was doing, um, but I was trying to figure it out, right?

So this is why you’re listening to this, so you don’t have to go, um, you know, have to have an extinguisher on hand and spin all that money on candles. So I think the first part is, is to identify are you an abundant thinker or are you, or are you in scarcity? So scarcity to mindset. In my opinion, it’s a deeper story, but like, let’s just start with the basics.

You know, scarcity is like someone who feels like if someone else is winning, you can’t too, if you know. . I see it a lot online. You know, I see a lot of people who, if somebody’s celebrating a win, and I’m not saying people who are like, you know, shoving their money wins down everybody’s throats or something like that.

And I, I say that and it sounds like dramatic, [00:03:00] but where it’s like, I made like a million dollars and you didn’t, na na na boo boo, you know, kind of thing like that. But it’s, you know, I feel like women get to celebrate their success because men do it and like, why can’t we? Right. But I feel like there’s a lot of judgment around it.

So you see scarcity showing up a lot because again, remember one of my episodes, I talk about money being masculine and a lot of. That are in that scarcity mindset, do not feel safe with money. So if they see someone else having a safety with money, it’s almost like saying, I have the perfect little boyfriend and I have the perfect marriage, and you don’t.

It’s like that kind of same triggering that shows up, right? Like, why? What’s happening to me? And so a lot of people who have that same type of traumatic stuff or whatever, that scarcity mindset, they don’t feel safe when the money, they’ll make a lot, but then it’ll be like p poof, like where to go. She was gone with the wind.

I wanted to start singing that, but I might sit on this, this podcast and I can’t sing, so just don’t judge me. Um, you could judge me, whatever, but I just can’t sing. Like I, I have a song singing in my head and she was gone, like the Wind, [00:04:00] or I don’t know what this song is this like a 70 song. Um, I digress.

So, scarcity. Scarcity is, You, it’s hard to see someone else win you. If somebody, like I sometimes see my daughter have a little bit of it, um, you know, she, she has a hard time and sh she, she’ll get angry probably from sharing this, but, you know, she’s not someone that’s easily to share her food. , she’s, which, you know, a girl likes her food, but, you know, she, she’ll share after she’s done eating, but she wants to make sure she gets hers first, you know?

And, um, One thing you know, uh, about really generous people you’ll see or that live in abundance, they’ll open up whatever it is and they’ll be like, here, take one. Like, you can have it first. They won’t feel like you’ll take all of their franchise. I mean, I. I, I share my French try sometimes and sometimes I don’t.

But, um, it all depends on [00:05:00] how hungry I am. But, um, you’ll see that people have a hard time sharing. They will be very judgmental. Um, they will feel like everything is running out. Um, you know, there’s a difference between scarcity and like, I let a lot of people talk about wasting, and you’ll hear that I thought I could waste money.

I could think things could be wasted. I feel like there’s. If I believed money could be wasted, then I believe it could go away. You know, I sometimes feel like when we’re squeezing that last drop out of the, the shampoo bottle or squeezing that toothpaste last dropout, it’s because we have in our mind that we’ll waste this toothpaste.

The whole thing will be a waste if we throw it out with one thing left in there, or if we’re not scraping that jar. If strawberry jam out of the. Jar, if we’re not taking like a spatula, which I would do in the past and get every last little drop would probably gimme like half a spoonful. But I didn’t waste it.

You know, it makes me feel like things are in limitations. And so, um, if it’s limitations, then [00:06:00] there’s nothing for me. You know, it, it won’t come to me. I, I won’t be able to have that, you know, scarcity people are, um, There, there are the, the people that are the half, the half, the glass is half full. You know, they’re, they’re, they’re not people who can see, um, the possibility of what could happen.

They’re the first to tell you what’s impossible, that’s not gonna work out, or how. There’s no way their, their ability to believe is very, very like small because they only see what can’t work, what’s what the difficulties are showing up. Um, because the possibilities or the future mindset of that situation is like, well, there’s no way.

So they don’t even try. Right? So scarcity is like, I’m not gonna worry about spending that. Um, you know, abundant thinkers are like, they share. , they’re rooting you on, you know, they’re gonna celebrate you like from a really genuine place. I see this in women all the time. You’ll always see a woman who is, um, [00:07:00] genuinely, genuinely, uh, cheering on another sister or another woman in her life.

And she’s, she’ll, she’ll celebrate you. You get, feel it like, it’s like she, she knows it lifting you. Is not gonna tear her down or take away from her. And you’ll see that part of her that’s, you know, in abundance, which is a great start because a lot of people don’t have that. They, their jealousy is getting in the way cuz if they think if somebody else has it, and that scarcity of mindset, that means you don’t have it.

So that what’s your, what’s your vibrational frequency that you’re gonna be at? Like, lack, because it means if someone else has it, they took it from you. Right. So I don’t feel like anybody can take anything from me. You know? It. I always see when a woman’s doing something that shows me the possibility that I can do it.

I know not everybody’s wired like that, and it took me a long time to get her because, uh, your girl was in scarcity, uh, for a while. You know? Um, scarcity is a lot of [00:08:00] resentment. You’ll feel like you’re, you, you resent things in people, uh, abundance. You were like, you know, you could look at a situation and be like, okay, I’ll learn from that, you know?

Or scarcity, they’re gonna live that same thought process, that same belief, that same experience over and over again. It’s gonna become law for them, right? Where an abundant thinker’s like, well that happened once. Like, you know, what happened a couple times? It’s not gonna be what’s gonna happen again.

They’re gonna like, feel into the possibility that new things could happen. There’s, could be a new story. Um, it doesn’t have to be the old story, right? Um, abundance thinking is. Helping somebody, like just generally stopping and give your time, you know, letting people in when you’re driving too. Um, it’s like, you know, stopping for two seconds to hold the door up for somebody.

Like, you know, people who are in scarcity and lack, they’re usually pretty selfish. They’re very, um, you know, what’s in it for me? Where an abundant thinkers, like, what’s in it for us? You know, [00:09:00] what, how can I help you? And. Me too, right? You know, or something. Or how can I just help you? Um, what I would do if you’re looking to shift into more of abundance thinking, um, you know, scarcity people, they complain a lot.

They blame a lot. They’re, it’s, it’s always someone else’s fault. Why they don’t have what they want. They don’t take responsibility for things in their lives. Um, they’re not in a place of power, usually abundant people. Um, they’re like, okay, this happened. You know, like I said, there’s a mistake or, or something that didn’t go away as planned.

Okay, I’m gonna learn from it. Um, abundance people know there’s an overflow, there’s, there’s, there’s more where that came from, you know, and if something should, should have depleted, well, it’ll get replenished. Uh, it’ll be okay, you know? Uh, we’ll figure it out. It’s not the end of the world. Uh, you’ll, you’ll hear it in the way people.

You’ll hear it. You’ll [00:10:00] hear it. You’ll see it in their behaviors and how they treat people. Um, You know, my grandmother, she used to carry this, this purse and her bosoms, she had brick breasts and she was always the first person to open up that little satchel. Maybe you had a grandma like that and pull out money for you to go get like ice cream or give you money for something.

I mean, she was, she was always baking and always doing things and. , um, you know, she was just, she was, she was just a giver. And you’ll see that there’s certain people in your life that are just gonna be like that. Right? That they’re gonna, they’re, you just always even count on them. You could feel that. Um, sometimes I could be toxic too, if they’re not, like, if they’re just giving to people, please.

But I’m not saying my grandma did that, but, you know, some people could do that. So there’s a caveat there, which will come up in other episodes. I would look at somebody who you feel has a strong mindset around abundance. [00:11:00] I tell you, they’re not attached to money. Um, money doesn’t have that kind of control over them.

They are so happy with what they have. They are in so much gratitude and appreciation for. Everything, everything and anything. You know, I keep having this vision of Gandhi while I’m talking about this. I don’t know why, but it’s like somebody who would seemingly not have anything, probably had felt the most abundant, um, because of the peace that they had, or, you know, the knowing the.

The, the acceptance, the celebration of life of where you’re at. Um, I don’t think things make us feel abundant. I think it’s an energy that’s within us and we start to feel appreciation for their lives. You know, like breathing in this air, like take a deep breath with me, like right there. That’s abundance, right?

Like you get to take a breath. Someone just took their last, you know, like, what could we really sit and be [00:12:00] appreciative for? You know, that, that. I think that’s how we switch. It’s, it’s people who are like, um, reliving and recycling old stories and, you know, the poor me syndrome. Um, why hasn’t it happened yet?

Instead of like, you know, or it’s never gonna happen, you know, or, um, and not having appreciation for your life. I always look at people who have lost a lot. And there’s still smile. Like, you know, I, I love stories about people who have overcome such incredible tragedies, like even maybe losing a limb or, you know, and, and just against all odds, still going for it because at some point in their life they had to decide like, I was gonna just go and be happy and persevere.

Or I could sit here and feel sorry for myself and talk about all the things that have happened in my life that weren’t. . That to me is like the basis of just an abundant thinking. [00:13:00] It’s um, it’s moving over from poor me to oh me, like, wow. Me, like, yes, me. Like this is amazing me. And that’s power in your thought process.

So I would spend a week. Uh, every day I write a gratitude journal. Lately I’ve been slipping and I, I notice when I do things shift in my life because the more grateful I am every day about the things that are going on. I mean, you can find gratitude in everything, right? Like the sun came out today, like my daughter gave me the most amazing hug, or I heard from an old friend or,

I had a great idea, or you know, I had an amazing workout. I had such good sleep. Like it doesn’t have to be for grandiose things in your life. I feel like when we’re in appreciation for a lot of the little things in our life, it builds up. The momentum for greater abundance because instead of sitting there, [00:14:00] um, complaining, you’re actually in gratitude and appreciation for this precise moment.

So you’re shifting out of like someone who’s not in control of their emotions in life into someone who’s in full of control of their emotions in life. Cuz even if shit hits the fan, right, you can still find something to be grateful for. When that fan, you know, gets cleaned up, maybe that shit had to hit, hit the fan so something could come through.

You know, we, we always feel like things have to be delivered to us in a silver platter, but they don’t. Right? So abundance thinking is the beginning. This is the beginning. And while I’ll come talk about this for more, more episodes to come, just start really being appreciative of. People in your life and experiences and sunsets and sunrises [00:15:00] and good sleep and that, that air, there’s one in your lungs like that alone.

I, for a while there, I’d wake up every morning and I would say, thank you, thank you, thank you. I mean, my eyes woke up and I woke up today. That would change the game for me about how I looked at the rest of the day. I was like, I get another chance to do this life the way I want to. So a lot of times people wake up and they wake up really happy, but then they pick up all the shit from the day before and they take their abundance that’s full tank and they just like crush it.

because they think about all the things that aren’t going right and all the things they need to worry about and all the things that they’re suffering with. And, and they just take themselves right out of appreciation for life. And, and people sometimes will be stuck in that cycle. And if you’re one of them, I invite you to really start looking deeper inside of yourself to like, well, how do [00:16:00] I like who I am right now?

And do I wanna change? And if you don’t, Keep doing you. But if you wanna go into more of abundance thinking, it starts with these basic things of how you operate on a daily basis. If you enjoyed this podcast episode, if we wanna talk more and have a greater conversation about this and you wanna ask more questions or you feel like I, you want to find out more, tell me message.

Um, maybe you wanna leave me a review. Um, you know, if, if it felt like it called you or you wanna share this with somebody else, I’d love, I’d love for you to do that. I feel like, you know, when we’re in scarcity, we’re in suffering and we don’t need to do that. We don’t need to be in suffering. We need to be in a place of free flowing, abundance, love enjoyment.

We came here to have those beautiful experiences too. But a lot of times when you’re scarcity, it’s your default mode, and it’s not a place of, um, thriving. It’s surviving Again, if you enjoy this, um, Share it with somebody, leave me a review and, um, stay tuned for the next [00:17:00] episode. I hope that you’re enjoying this series, and if you are, I’d love to hear from you.

You can go to my website and download my wealth meditation. It is amazing. It is going to help you, um, just start feeling into more wealth. You don’t need to meditate, just go listen to it. But if you do meditate, you’ll enjoy it. And. My book is coming out and locking the Quantum Woman. I can’t wait for you to get a copy of that in your hands.

And if you wanna work with me further, I’ve got so many different programs. It’s on my website. I’ve got a yearlong, um, membership called the um, Conscious collective, uh, year membership. And it’s for people who wanna come join into a community where we are gonna do our teaching, we’re gonna do a meditation, they’re gonna be a q and a, we get to get down and dirty, and maybe you want higher level support and my masterminds are there, or other support.

I’m here for you. And, um, or just keep tuning in. All right. I’ll talk to you soon. Stay, stay tuned for the next episode. Have a great one. Bye for now.


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