STORY TIME: It’s Easier to Make a Million Than Reach Six Figures


In this video, Shamina shares a little story time edition on how it’s so much easier to make a million than reach six figures. She goes into explaining the value of what a great offer can do – in this case, help you make a million faster and so much easier.

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Where she shows you her technique of how easier it is to make a million than reach six figures. Shamina experiences six figure days! And the structure behind this is how it becomes far easier to make a million than reach six figures.

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00:00 – Intro
01:33 – Make A Million: Starting from Zero
06:15 – Make A Million: Finding An Easier Way
10:23 – Make A Million: Invest Back Into Your Business
14:05 – Make A Million: Don’t Over Deliver
16:11 – Make A Million: Why Alignment Is So Important


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