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Shamina's Recent Feature with Elena Cardone

How to Bounce Back After Trauma, Divorce & Betrayal with Shamina Taylor

Shamina Taylor shares the strategy she used to acquire wealth and security after heartbreaking abuse, betrayal and divorce.

Listen in to know exactly how and when to move on and focus on yourself, no matter where you are in life and your career. Shamina walked away from everything to start over, could you do the same? No fluff, just pure courage from trauma to financial freedom with Elena on “The Elena Cardone Show”.

The Quantum Woman® Podcast

The latest episode on The Quantum Woman Podcast where Shamina takes a deep dive into the emotional components to money and how we can master this!

Money is more emotional than we’d like to realize or admit and when we have mastery over our money, we are in a position to have power over it instead of it having power over us.

For many entrepreneurs and business owners this is more current and an active role that requires mastery as money is involved in every next move they make.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner still in the process of understanding how to be more open to the nuances of money and wealth, tune into this episode as it has so many gold nuggets we know you’re going to love!

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In this collaboration, Shamina welcomes guest Rebecca Zung to highlight ways to deal and outsmart a narcissist. Rebecca shares loads of insight to her work

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