Quantum Mastermind

Accessing The Quantum
Through Emotional

Accessing the Quantum Through Emotional Self-Mastery is a 16-week life-changing experience where you will become the most badass amazing next-level version of yourself.

Get ready to:

  • Master your emotions, overhaul your mindset, up-level your life, and access the most amazing next-level version of yourself
  • Claim your wealth in all aspects of your life
  • Step into your power to receive more freely from the Universe

Accessing the Quantum Through Emotional Self-Mastery was designed with YOU in mind. Whether you’re ready to up-level your business or transform your career, access unlimited abundance, or attract the love of your life, Accessing the Quantum Through Emotional Self-Mastery will help you get there.

You will never be the same after this.
You get to be, do and have everything you desire.


Let’s access your limitless wealth. It’s time to create the vision of your wealthy woman and embody what a wealthy woman is. It’s your time to access your money overflow!!!

This program has 12+ modules, including pre-recorded Q & A’s to help you along the way. I perform energy clearings and money activations throughout the program.

Expect your life around wealth to be completely shifted!
You deserve to be the wealthiest woman in this lifetime!


When you own your Magnetic Power, you become the leader you always knew you could be. Clients show up in your inbox because they can feel the magnetism of your power.
The cash you know you should be making starts showing up like water. When you become that powerful version of yourself, you have magnetic power. Everything becomes easier, there is no hustle, there is no making things work, your energy speaks for itself.

This is the way to run your business and your life with ease.

  • Say what is on her mind without apology.
  • Stop playing small.
  • Become the authority.
  • Embody who she is.
  • Own her too-muchness.
  • Taps into her money-making wealth.
  • Ready for sales to be easy.
  • Ready for Clients to be messaging her non-stop.
  • Ready to show up in her boss energy.

The Quantum Clearing

Here’s some info on what’s included in this offer!

– X3 Energetic Clearings to flush your chakras/energy centres and cleanse it with new energy.

– 5D Light-body Activations to increase the level of your awareness and consciousness to all things in your reality (finance, life, business, relationships etc.)

– X1 30 Minute coaching call with Shamina to help navigate through + gain clarity on any specific areas to you.

Quantum Challenges

Quantum Challenges:

If you are tired of launching and not having the sales you really want, then it is time to implement a new improved way to do challenges. Are you ready to have repeat 6-figure challenges?

It is a comprehensive program that is going to help you CRUSH your launches in the most aligned way helping you make the sales, impact, and money you desire.

  • Help you create a source of lead generation in your business.
  • Get super clear on your message, offer, and avatar and what to sell, and when.
  • Learn how to utilize your Facebook group to create an engaged community.
  • Learn specific strategies on how many days to launch based on your specific avatar and the price point of your offer.
  • How to bring your ideal clients into your group and increase the show-up rate.
  • How to create an opt-in and start building your email list.
  • Learn what energies you need to be in for a challenge that leads to more sales.
  • Organic methods to fill your challenge.
  • The mindset needed to have a successful challenge.
  • How to connect to the ideal amount you want to make in a challenge.
  • Learn to create your own challenge system so that you can rinse and repeat it over and over again.

The Quantum CEO

Get ready to step into Quantum CEO mode and take your business to a next-level success!

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