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85. #FEMSQUIRE Series: Attorney, Wealth Expert, and Mentor Shamina Taylor, Esq.

Talk about a transformation! #FEMSQUIRE Shamina Taylor, Esq. transitioned from real estate attorney to wealth expert and spiritual mentor. She experienced a pivotal moment in her life where she had an identity crisis and left behind the life she had created, in order to find herself. In just 12 months, she built a million-dollar cash business and is now dedicated to helping successful and powerful women become very wealthy and be in touch with their feminine energy so that they can live their best life. She’s been outspoken and determined all her life, and is constantly improving and evolving herself. She recognizes healing is a never-ending journey and recalls her experience dealing with some of her own past traumas. You’ll finish with a refreshed mindset after listening to this interview, which carries a very empowering message for all women out there.

Included in this conversation:

  • Why she became a lawyer
  • The exact moment her spiritual awakening journey started
  • Transitioning from attorney to wealth expert and spiritual mentor
  • Dealing with the trauma of physical abuse, by a family member, when she was a teenager
  • Relationship between wealth and success
  • Her healing journey
  • Realizing she wanted to stop practicing law
  • Characteristics of her average client
  • Behaviors that stem from traumas
  • Emotional mastery
  • Manifesting
  • The book that changed her life
  • The importance of healing before getting into a new relationship
  • Being in your feminine vs. in your masculine

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