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“It will absolutely change your life.”

Emotional Self Mastery is my favorite container. It’s foundational. It’s mandatory training in my book… and it has changed my landscape on how I live my daily life.

“I have a new zest living.”

Spending 4 months in this program came exactly in perfect timing. I cleared so much stuck energy in my body, I am now physically more active everyday. I am more creative, I am developing my own coaching business, I have a new zest living, I shift my thinking not serving my highest/best good more quickly.

“What a life and game changer.”

Being mentored by Shamina and taking Accessing The Quantum Through Emotional Self-Mastery is truly life changing! My relationship with myself has improved. My relationship with my family have improved. If I’d not taken her courses I’d still be stuck in negative and harsh cycles and relationships.