Are you tired of hearing crickets on your posts?
Not selling anything?
Not growing your audience?
Not making any money?

Have you ever wished you could Easily turn your message anD brand into powerful impactfuL content that attracts and influences a loyal tribe audience who will buy anything from you?

I know you are shaking your head yes, yes, yes that is me. I know I was there not too long ago. It doesn't have to be that hard.


You know you can help millions because you have wisdoms and expertise that HAS POSITIVELY CHANGED YOUR LIFE and now you want to help others get the same amazing results you did and change their lives? 

Because your journey, your purpose, knowledge and skills have given you this great message that you know can have an influential impact on helping others. 

But you need a damn audience.

 You want to impact millions.

Either you just don’t know where to start 


What you have been doing isn’t working or working fast enough. 

I’ve been there before. 

How do you get noticed? How do grow your following and make bank while doing it?

Listen I have broken up and got back together with Instagram many times. So I feel your frustration. I knew what I wanted to do, what I needed to do, what I HAD to do but I didn’t know how until I figured it out!

What if you had a system in place that you know will get you the exposure, engagement, influence and cash flow you are seeking.

Well guess what...

When you sign up for The Soul-Cial Influencer Bootcamp Course I am going to show you the exact steps I use and have taught so many others to turn their brand, their content, their message and their products into a money making machine while making massive impact.

In this bootcamp course you will learn how to attract loyal followers that are obsessed with you and your content. 

That highly engaged tribe following who crave your content and anything you produce because they have fallen in love with you, your message and brand! 


Because what you have to offer is exactly what they are seeking! I will show you my methods that work in gaining those followers and the repeat customers buying everything from you.

And this is how you become a massive influencer!

The Soul-Cial Influencer Bootcamp gets you started on Day 1!

And when you join me for 4 weeks you will finally get yourself out there making massive impact sharing your message and grow your soul tribe immediately.

I give you the simple steps you must be taking to become the next big Soul-Cial Influencer in your niche market, hands on learning, live support, helping you implement what you need to do to STAND OUT from the rest. Because gorgeous you were born to STAND OUT and turn your passion, message and purpose into that constant cash flow and become famous while doing it!

Do any of these sound familiar?

Are you ready to become that top influencer and stand out among all the other online influencers?​

Listen, if you’re an online entrepreneur or own a business you need to be utilizing social media ASAP! Social media isn’t hard but it does require some work. The work a lot of people are too lazy to do. It is a lot like the gym, your efforts will determine your results.

I have gotten all my clients via social media. Sold out my courses via social media and made thousands of dollars doing it! 

So Don't worry boo I got you! I have been there!
What if you could...

Become the hottest influencer there is?

Show up successfully on Facebook and Instagram lives even though the thought of that makes you want to vomit? 

Not anymore. 

I show you my methods to use these platform to really show up! Every live I ever did, always ended up in hundreds of new followers and thousands of dollars in sales being made. 

People love live video, and in The Soul-Cial Influencer I am going to teach you how to do this successfully so you have your tribe clients watching every move you make and soaking up all of your content. Just like you found me probably through one of my videos. 

What if you could create content so easily that it called in your soul clients, tribe instantly. The kind of content that makes people fall in love with you? People say they feel we are best friends, they know me because they feel me through my content. This is the key to connecting with your audience. I will show you how to do this genuinely and strategically. 

But are you ready to stop hiding?

Yes, I get it, it can be a bit daunting to step out there. It in fact scares the shit out of most people to be that vulnerable on line when they spend their days keeping their business private. It is hard to stretch yourself. You worry what will people think if they knew my real story. If they knew THAT about me.

But let me tell you in order to connect with your audience and call your tribe clients that will be begging to buy everything you have to offer, share your content, and be your biggest fans. You first have to show up. Authentically. 

And in The Soul-Cial Influencer we do some deep dive work too. This isn’t a fluff course, You get to find your true voice and you use it powerfully. The stuff you will learn in this course will change the course of your journey and your online presence.

Turn your passions into money making profits by reaching a wider audience than you could have ever dreamed of doing

You will do the inner work especially if you are feeling stuck, to remove any blocks or self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being that superstar you were meant to be.  

You will be an expert in your niche, really know how to tell your story, embrace your truth and be able to share it in a way that helps you connect with your soul tribe. Because without this step you will be someone that is overlooked again and again and you will not be standing out to anyone.

In order to be that influencer you need to bring it big time. So it means you are branding yourself, your image, your message, your real purpose work will be what you bring to your social media.  It means being fully authentically you.

 In the Soul-Cial Influencer I am going to help you gain that confidence to own your story, create kick-ass content to help you influence your tribe off, grow your following and share your message and make money doing it.

Let me show you how!


The soul-cial influencer bootcamp

I created this course because I intuitively saw how people responded on social media. Their interests and behavior had a very clear pattern. I also saw how the algorithm on Facebook and Instagram worked to either promote or bury your post and I used this information to build my massively growing platform. 

Now you can too! 

And let’s face it, exposure in the timeline and placement in the feeds is everything. I tested the patterns and what worked and what didn’t work. I started teaching my private clients how to do this and they now too have grown such a faithful engaged loyal following. 

Because facts are, if you don’t have an audience you cannot do anything online..

I also know the strategic steps to take to build an audience and create a brand that is addicting to your tribe. I used these methods to grow my engaged following and teach my tribe clients to do the same.

Creating an audience and having a successful platform on social media is definitely something that can happen immediately, you don’t have to wait years to attract your soul tribe and grow your following.

Quality content is definitely king and I will give you steps to create content that has been waiting for your posts….but there are so many other factors that go into the psychology of posting.

 Yes, you should post when inspiration strikes but you also have to have a game plan. You have to know how to get the attention of your tribe. Influence them, connect to them and yes have them fall in love with you and your content. You are the brand baby. That’s it.

You don’t have to be America’s sweetheart either (someone liked by everyone) to get your tribe to flow in and for you to become famous in your field. In fact, you need to be you. The REAL, RAW YOU.

In this course I am going to break it down for you. I see so many people missing the mark on their social media. And don’t be fooled, numbers aren’t the key. An engaged loyal tribe to you and your content is the key. Those people beg you to take their money!

I can read someone’s page in minutes and tell you what their energy is. Read their posts and I intuitively see them clearly. Their energy is everything. People don’t realize they are reading your energy but that is what is happening when they land on your page. If they vibe with you, you will know it. But if your social media is off well that is probably why you aren’t consistently catching anyone’s attention.

You can use your message and energy to reach your tribe clients and those you wish to influence.

Do you want to be an influencer who influences people with millions of followers or Nah? 

Because I do!!!

I have influencers like Cardi B reposting my quotes to her gram and Kim Kardashian engaging my content. Go to her gram and check it out! They have huge followings on Social Media and in an endless sea of posts but my content stands out and was engaged. Robin Thicke just reposted my stories, Deion Saunders and many more commenting on my posts. Too many to list.

Also, a TV casting agent found me on IG through the hashtag intuitive and this led to TLC wanting to give me my own show. The list goes on and on. Then many more things that keep happening because I showed up. I am going to show you how to do the same thing!

So are you ready to show up now?

What are you leaving behind because you aren’t showing up?
Who is going to hear your message because you aren’t sharing it?
Who are you reaching because you’re hiding?
When is that money rolling in because you’re afraid to show up? Hint it’s not.
When are you going to value what you have to teach and share?
Look I went through all of this too at one point. So I know every excuse why you aren’t showing up. I know them all.

I know also maybe you are thinking you aren’t ready you need one more course one more seminar one more book, one more retreat.  But maybe that is a sign you’re stalling and you are really ready. You aren’t really ever ready but you get ready when you START!

We work through these blocks, the self-limiting beliefs, and healing the past so you are not holding yourself back from the work you were meant to. 

I believe the most humble overqualified ones take the longest to start because they truly know they have an amazing gift.  

So you have something to share….next step get it out there start influencing. Start calling in your tribe start being that game changer. 

I want you to to confidently show up in your truth, share your voice, tell your story, and share it daily. 

Then create a business you cannot wait to work on everyday that brings you an inflow of cash, (that is how I am) and give the world exactly what you know it needs, that is YOU!

This Bootcamp Course will be run LIVE, I will be teaching it LIVE. Also, you will have access to all the course material for life in my membership area.

You will receive a LIVE module training each week taught by me, taking you step by step to get you started creating that content, influencing and making that cash.

You will get exercises to get you started implementing the course material immediately. Helping you create your content and help you grow your tribe following. Get you out there actually doing this work.

What is your super power gift/expertise? What makes you unique?

You need to know what it is you can do to help your tribe. Why they should follow you, invest in you. What can you confidently and effectively teach all day, everyday nonstop in flow and never be tired of it? How is your gift going to help your person with the issues they may be struggling with? People want results and solutions. What can you do to get it for them? If you aren’t sure about this, it will be harder for you to attract the people you want to connect with.

So we get very clear on what it is you do and why you need to show up and share this message of yours. Remember you are building a business and brand that authentically represents who you are and what you do.

We figure out who will benefit the most from your wisdoms, teachings? Who is it that is right now searching for you and what you have to offer them? Who are you talking to? Who needs what you have?

You will learn to make posts that result in “This was meant for me today. I really needed that.” You are then speaking directly to your audience who is needing your exact message.

What is your story?

The Real, raw you!

If you don’t know your story, you won’t be able to connect with those in a heart center energetic way to call in your tribe. People connect through stories. Speaking your authentic truth is the way to build an audience. In this Module you learn how to use your story to create ridiculously amazing converting content, how to connect to your audience, attract your soul tribe clients.

They need to see themselves in your story. How it will help them also want to follow you, learn from you, buy from you, become your biggest and greatest fans.

You may think you know your story but you aren’t telling it correctly to create engaging content. And we all have that pivotal moment. You will learn how to use it to really become that Soul-Cial Influencer.

In addition, when you get on podcasts and any other media, you need to be able to tell your story with full emotion at a drop of a hat. And tell it fast and efficiently. This module alone could be an entire course.

Create Engaging Viral Content/Effectively Use Stories/Live Streaming

You will learn how to create engaging viral content. No more crickets on your posts. No more being overlooked. You will go from 3-4 likes to hundreds. You will learn how to use your story, to create sales for your products, to attract clients, and for people to fall in love with you and your mission and build your audience.

We go over how to use the Story feature here on IG and FB. How to use this to sell, engage your following.  I have thousands of views on my stories and I will show you how to get the same. If you are not using stories, you are missing out on some serious marketing. This is how you become a big influencer. FB groups are amazing but people hide in there. You want to go big you need to be out and ready.

You will learn how to effectively live stream and overcome any fears you may have doing this. Before the course is over you will have the tools and strategies to live stream like a pro. Module 5 we go over how to really step out and push through the blocks of why you aren’t showing up big and bold

Social Media Strategies and Tactics/Branding/Social proof

This will be a portion of the course where you now start posting actual content. 

You will get exact steps to take to start strategically building your audience. Meaning when how, where, what to post. How to keep the engagement increasing on your posts and increase views on your videos. What you need to do to get to position your content at the top of the feed and timelines. How to work with the algorithms.

What your Social media should look like.  Not this mish mash of content but a clear flow when people come to your page, they know yes this person has amazing content I am following/friending them. 

Branding is important and overlooked. Maybe your stuff looks like shit. And it is not calling in your tribe because of that. Sorry I don’t like say that but most of the time people’s social media is messy and you only have seconds to capture their attention. I will teach you how to get your ideal client to stop scrolling for your content b using specific strategies. 

If you don’t have the correct social proof becoming an influencer isn’t going to work. I am not talking about numbers either. People can buy likes. Your social media presence has a social proof meter. Is this person an influencer? Would I press follow? Press like? Watch their videos?, Watch their stories?, Buy what they recommend? Would I invest in their products? 

Social proof is also critical for running ANY ADS on FB or IG. People want to know what other people think of you and what you have to offer them. A Facebook business page with 20k likes but zero engagement on the posts is a red flag. People are not buying your products you are are offering on your Ads without some social proof. I will show you how to boost the right posts and start getting real engagement for those ADS.

You will also learn to create viral sharable content. Social Proof is everything to becoming an influencer and you will learn the steps you need to obtain this. So your authenticity is there in your brand and message for your followers to say, YES to everything you have to offer. Again this module could be an entire course by itself!

Mindset work/ Shifting self-limiting beliefs/Removing Blocks/Healing stories

Where are you at? Why are you still hiding? 


Right here and now, you will get over… The ‘I am stuck stories.’ This is bootcamp. No more, I am scared. No more excuses. No more hiding your gifts from the world. No more, I am not ready. I don’t know if I can do this. I don’t want people to judge me. What will people think of me? Why am I watching everyone else do the damn thing and I am still hiding and waiting for a sign to start? All of that garbage noise will be put to rest.  No one can get you to started but you but in this module you will clear away those blocks and get your ass in gear and start showing the F*CK up! It’s time don’t you think?

You will learn how to authentically show up telling your story, connecting to your audience so they fall in love with you. Learn how to be vulnerable and yet still private with your life. There is a balance that a lot of people miss. Transparency is key but it also has to be done where you are still the expert at what you teach and offer and you’re not a hot mess in your messaging. No one is giving a hot mess their money. 

Creating offers and pricing. 

You cannot just want to be an influencer and not create a business around it. Growing an audience and not monetizing, it is just a hobby, not a business. 

You need to create offers. NOW. 

Attract a tribe that is not just soaking up free content but people who want to invest in what expertise you have to offer.

This module you will learn how to create an offer right away to get started bringing that cash flow in. 1:1 Coaching programs, small group coaching. Something you will have the tools to create an offer to sell.  Even if you have been doing this a while you will also benefit from this because you may be creating offers that haven’t been in alignment with your audience because you haven’t successfully mastered Modules 1-5 yet.

If you don’t have one already, you will learn how to create an effective freebie to start growing your list. 

Here's what you'll get

OVER $1800 DOLLARS IN bonuses!!
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#1 How to become the wealthy Influencer by owning your gifts

A pre-recorded course that helps you take steps to get started owning your gifts. Value $99

#2 It's a Vibe Thing Course

Everything is energy and I am an energy teacher. Part of being successful in anything is your energy and vibration. This course will teach you how to raise your vibration and be in total flow.
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#3 A mini guide on the logistics of social media influence

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#4 A Private facebook Group for Support

My facebook groups are invaluable. I am not like other teachers who aren't present. You will be in my energy the entire time. I will be there helping you with support, giving my feedback to help you. Value OVER $999.99

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With the VIP you get everything in the course plus:
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Hi Beautiful Souls, it’s your girl Shamina, if you don’t know me yet, I am pretty raw all around. I speak my mind and I encourage you to do the same! I am a Spiritual Badass Business Mentor and Teacher, Manifesting Queen, Soul-Cial Influencer, Entrepreneur, Digital Course Creator, Attorney, Writer, Mother, Reiki Master Healer, Humanitarian. 
I am passionate about helping people like you, create and design the business and life of their dreams. I help empower you by intuitively showing you where you need to clear your bs story to get you leaping, believing in yourself. I have a really unique gift I know exactly where people are hiding their emotional blocks and their self-limiting beliefs. I help you clear these blocks, heal your story and help you discover your true authentic self which helps awaken your true soul calling and purpose work. Simple right?
I have a beautiful soul tribe on social media and it is growing day. I can confidently say I have done the work and I am not like other Spiritual teachers. I bridge the gap between personal development with spiritual growth, as I believe you cannot have one without the other. I am unfiltered and I am not afraid to say what is on my mind.  IF you have been following me you know this!
Much love,

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

So Much Love from My Tribe...
We operate in Real Results!

If you’re feeling in any way that the way you want to live isn’t a match for what you’re experiencing, you need to reach out to Shamina right away! She has a way of taking blocks that have been holding you back forever and helping you realize that they just don’t matter.

If you think for some reason you can’t manifest what you want, stop that. Just one conversation with her and I was “finding” money everywhere.

-Dr. Carrie Rose Wilson, Founder of Of Course, Speaker, Best Selling Author

One word: Magic.

Shamina has continuously changed my life and has been an incredible friend and mentor. She shows up and checks in on me (even when I’m not paying her to do so.) I’m so grateful to you today Shamina, As different as this feels, I know it’s where I am meant to be.Thank you earth angel and phoenix I cant wait to see where we will go next!

– Amanda Allen, Coach, Plexus Business Owner

WOW, WOW, just WOW!!!! Before getting into Shamina’s course I was mediating and manifesting but she blew me away with things I never knew. I highly recommend getting working with her. She has a gift,  a true gem. Love her vibe, Love her energy,  Love her tribe! So happy I connected with her. I can’t say enough good things about her!!

-Jenny Grass D’Agostino, Coach, Motivational Speaker

Today was my last class with the most amazing teacher ever! Thank you Shamina Taylor for teaching us so many great things. Thanks to you my life will never be the same! Your positive energy will always be with all of us. You are such a beautiful soul. Wishing you continued success forever and ever!! You deserve it! I just wanted to take a minute to shout out this amazing woman Shamina Taylor – She’s the most positive, encouraging, motivating and empowering woman that i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I know you’re a mentor, but you’re more like a positive-thinking life guru! Thanks to you I have grown so much mentally and healed so many parts of me emotionally! I haven’t felt this happy in a long time and for that I am forever grateful! Thank you for pushing us to follow through with all the home work and other things you tell us to do.  Not because you have to, but because you know that we deserve the best in life. Thank you, for being you! 

-Erika White, Writer/Motivational Speaker/Mindset Coach 

I’m working on the set up of my own business. I didn’t even see that coming for me at this time in my life. One month ago I felt like that was years away. More then material things also.  Shamina thought me how to get in a deep state of meditation. I’ve never been able to do this before. She’s given me life long tools to use so I can heal myself and keep growing. The pleasure of meeting all the beautiful souls in this class with me. Thank you Shamina. I can’t wait to work with you again in the very near future!

Shannon Cavinder. , Stay at home Mom turned Spiritual Entrepreneur

I have studied many teachings throughout the years. Loved Shamina’s heart, truth, soul, light and genuine gifts she bought to us all. Love hearing everyone’s shares and amazing manifestations that came our way only in a month. I’m like WoW! What will the next month, year and beyond bring. So excited thinking about the unlimited possibilities for all of us. I left knowing this is only the beginning. Now that we learned how to tap into the “hotline to the universe”. Feels wonderful knowing we have the access within to create and co-create. Can’t wait to try out manifesting via orgasm once I meet that special someone too.

-Sonja Anastasia, Spiritual Entrepreneur

Shamina’s insight in delivering engaging content through social media and other communication portals is highly valuable. She taught me how to be vulnerable in the way I told my story which lead to increased engagement, with the people I needed to be engaged with, my soul mate clients. Taking a social media post deeper into a conversation is an art form that she has mastered, and that includes posts other people make, that we comment on. She taught me the process of setting intentions for my social media posts which creates the magical bonus of getting multiple people engaged in a single post, simply brilliant! 

 -Adam Bricker, The Fitness Philosopher, Coach. 

You know I’ve been following you for a number of years through fitness, liking FB posts, the odd comment etc….. BUT I NOW KNOW why the universe connected us!! It’s clear as day..  this.. Your “HOTLINE to the UNIVERSE” 4 week course has absolutely transformed my life Shamina. I, as I know ALL our group could not WAIT for our sessions each week.. my first session was just an “oh my gosh” moment. Truly.  You’ve opened up a new world for me. A new way of thinking that has changed my relationships with everyone, work, my fitness and health .. money.. but mostly my mind.. you’ve taught me how to “switch on”, open up and see so much words fail me but my new mindset doesn’t.  I just feel it and see the world SO differently. It’s much bigger and beautiful. THANK you for introducing the UNIVERSE to Me.. i don’t “see” it..I’m a learner of life and Yours forever.. may the journey continue to be as big and beautiful….

Sheriden Carroll

Sign up now and get all those bonuses! And if you are the first 5 people you get a 15 minute review of your social media! Start getting results like my other students!

We start the week of June 10th!!!


Frequently Asked Questions

No you will get started immediately!

Not to get started I will show you places to go register one and you can get a one page up immediately or other platforms to get you started growing your list, selling your products.

No, if you have a message start getting it out there NOW. I will show you how! When I started over 8 years ago I just knew I wanted to inspire people and I started growing my following immediately.

No, but my methods work. I am very honest and I will tell you hey this isn’t working. But you also have to be willing to put the work in.

No, all sales are final.

Yes! You just have to show up and do the work!

Yes, check out the links there should be a payment plan option.

Sign up now and get all those bonuses! And if you are the first 5 people you get a 15 minute review of your social media!

We start the week of June 10th!!!

But Say you want to be a VIP? 

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