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No more hiding it's time to leap into your dreams!

I call myself a mentor because we are all here on very similar journeys but some of us are just a few steps ahead of others. As a mentor I show you the way so you also can bring your gifts forward and make a massive change to this world.

I say everyday my message is reached and received by millions of people and because of my message they chose to make a positive difference in their lives. They chose to make that change. They chose to step up and go for it.

There was a time I used to feel badly for my take action, aggressive nature. It made people uncomfortable my boss attitude, they would tell me, I was too much in my masculine energy. My confidence intimidates them. As much as I did wanted everyone to like me, it wasn’t who I was. 

You see that happens when you chose to stand in your truth, you know your worth. It makes others uncomfortable who haven’t discovered that within because they are still seeking seeking validation from others. I was there once. I know what that feels like. Needing to fit in, yet my whole life I never ever fit in. I always did things my way. I never accepted no for an an answer ever. Yet there was a time I kept asking why does this person not like me and they don’t even know me?? Well you see, being so strong and unapologetically in your truth you will trigger others who aren’t. If this is also you, you know what I am talking about.

Yes, for a hot minute I wanted everyone to like me. I was seeking approval. But I didn’t know how to go about doing it because each time I was still me. Still walking my own path. Still doing life my way. I did come to realize during my years of deep Spiritual self-discovery, we should never seek something from others who haven’t yet found themselves within.

I found that approval and caring what anyone thought of me was none of my business. I stopped giving a shit what anyone else thought about me because I learned to love myself deeply and I knew I was worthy and destined for greatness. No one was going to stop me in pursuit of my life purpose. I had to step forward, I had to show up. People needed me. If I kept hiding in fear, letting resistance win I would be taking away my gifts from those who needed it the most. Then what? All that pain and healing to gain wisdom would be wasted.

So you see, I know you. I know your story. I have lived it in my way but it’s all the same issues, beliefs, stories we have replaying in our head why we aren’t good enough to do this work or to share our stories to go bold and live an extraordinary life. Or we need to wait for xyz to happen before we take that leap. Or how do I even do this? I can’t possibly do this.

It’s all the same. All of it. 

We all share the same thing. To irrefutably believe in ourself worth, vanishing any doubts.

My clients always tell me “How did you know that?” You know exactly what to say. You are confirming everything I am feeling within. They call me Yoda. You see I see almost everything so clearly yes but I have lived most of it. Learned the lessons and now it’s my job to share the wisdom that is the reward.

No one can really hide much from me. I read energy and I am so in tuned I am able to help others find the areas unleash their greatness. Helping guide you to find your power within. I read everyone’s energy even people I have never met. Being a highly gifted empath and energetically connected this comes very natural to me.

So listen, the good news, when we remove all the self-limiting belief stories and programing we have learned over the years we then have no more resistance and we can step into this extraordinary life, fully living our purpose work being the unstoppable badasses we were meant to be.

My clients also call me the flashlight because I just show you areas within you that need awareness, because once we are aware of an area we then can decide is this something I really want to keep thinking and hold me hostage or do I just want to release it right now and decide I am done with it. Yes, it can be that simple and fast. I shift people in one session with me.

I truly do believe, yes we all have the answers within, but sometimes it takes others to help guide us see what we are already feeling.

You should hire me because you are wanting to transform your life in a BIG WAY, you are tired of playing small. You are ready to GO BIG. You know you have a message the world needs to hear. You know you can be unstoppable. You know you can show up fully in your truth. You want to be the badass you know you can be.

When I realized nothing was ever going to stop me again, that is when I knew I was fully in my power. Join me let me help you empower yourself so together we can make a massive impact.

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How does it work?

My Clients have had massive growth and progress. I do help them remove their blocks and open the flow of their energy but the work lies within you as well. Growth and removing your blocks comes when you are ready to make that next step. I will not sign up someone who is not ready for that leap. You have to BE ALL IN for the change to happen. READY, SET, GO!

I will push you, trigger you and make you look within. I will challenge your way of thinking and perspective. I am a mindset master. Our thoughts guide us in everything but if we hold on to the past and let our egos keep us hiding we will never fully step into our true authenticity. So to be NEXT LEVEL you need to be ready for it.

You want to become a social influencer selling your gifts and making lots of money well the time is now. I won’t let you hide. I will help empower you. But you have to be ready to transform and grow. I don’t play small. After our time together you will have made the changes you needed to step into your power but we have to work together. I have guaranteed you won’t be the same after working with me. But as an Attorney I am going to say I can only guarantee how much you’re willing to go ALL IN.

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 I do have an application process to make sure you’re ready. Our work is deep and it’s not me teaching you just how to manifest and fun stuff. I teach the real spiritual self development you need to ignite your soul purpose and greatness.