Get Your Om On

Do you want to learn to meditate but don’t know where to begin?

I was there. I remember the first time I sat to meditate, I was like what is happening here? How long has it been, am I doing this right? Is this it? Wait I can hear the clock ticking. Am I doing it yet? Then I look at the timer and only 90 seconds had passed. 

What this is like cardio why is it so hard? It really isn’t but because I didn’t know what I was doing or what I was trying to achieve during meditation I was somewhat lost to be honest. 

And they say meditation is a practice but it is. It isn’t something you get on the first try but if you do bravo. 

I break it down really easily what you need to do to prepare for meditation, what to expect and easy things you can do to achieve the meditative state.

This course is ready for immediate download. Once you pay you have access immediately and for life. 

Have you tried meditating and you get so frustrated?

You hear just meditate everyday?

Why is meditation so hard?