Do you set your Manifestating intentions?

But are constantly receiving exactly opposite of what you are asking for? OR you can't manifest money the way you manifest other stuff?! I've got the solution..keep reading.

I know where you are coming from and I am here to tell you I have found the HOTLINE to the UNIVERSE! And it's fulfilling my every request! IT's TIME you had YOUR OWN HOTLINE!


Do you journal every day asking for what you desire and yet nothing is happening!?
you set intentions? You do all the things to call in your soul clients, soulmates and money but yet none of those things are showing up?
Do you see other people easily manifesting what they desire thinking damn they are lucky?
Do you say I am open to receive and yet nothing is coming? Except what you don’t want?
Do you try to remove the blocks because you have resistance? But you find yourself asking what is the damn blocks causing my resistance?
You’ve tried everything but you’re still stuck? And you don”t know why?
Are you sick of hearing how easy it is and wondering where you are going wrong? And why isn’t it working for you?
Are you confused why it works on some things but not others?
You’re trying to feel like a millionaire but damn only bills are showing up?
You have a pile of vision boards, affirmations pasted all over your home in your car but nothing is coming?
Do you try to act as if it is done, it’s yours but the shit is nowhere to be seen?
Do you try to visualize having the thing in your life but it’s hard to do because well it’s not there!
When they tell you not to look at what is missing is it hard? Because well it is missing
So just for a minute imagine how your life would feel and be if you had all the things that you are desiring? I mean just think about it…
And now what if I told you, you don’t have to just HUSTLE and STRUGGLE to get everything. 
Manifesting is supposed to be EASY, FLOW not hard….
There is no hustle in this process.

Anything you were seeking would….FIND YOU!!

Basically you can THINK THINGS into EXISTENCE… 


Your desired monthly cash received
Your ideal bank account balance
Your ideal partner…soulmate
Your dream house
Your dream career
Your soul tribe clients
Your dream body
Your Fame
Your desired destinations you want to travel flying 1st class
Whatever you can think of to be, do or have, to make your life feel blissfully sweet …
Your social Influence

Yea you want that cash right, success, love….

What if you could ask and you get whatever you can think of to make your life feel full of freedom, to do, be, have what is so blissfully sweet to you!

Or even down to your daily plans cancelling, you know when you make those plans a week ago and now you’re sitting in your pj’s and don’t want to cancel but damn you’re praying for a miracle at 8pm Friday night and BOOM plans cancel without you cancelling them.

This is how I live my life now. Creating my reality with my thoughts!

Who wouldn't want it this easy? Not us!

What if you could...


Think about it? You could be one of those people just get everything they want with just a thought! And everyone will be calling you lucky like they call me! But it’s more than luck is deciding and creating your life on purpose. It is believing you always get what you desire because you are only available for that thought.
During these 4 weeks I am going to TEACH you how to become a 


I will GIVE you the EXACT STEPS to CALL in EVERYTHING you ever wanted.  How to get into RIDICULOUS FLOW, how to get into HIGH VIBE ALIGNMENT.
We will break down what is holding you back what is STOPPING YOU from getting WHAT YOU WANT. We will BREAKDOWN the ENERGY BLOCKS to you RECEIVING all that you are asking for.
You DESERVE everything you have ever wanted.
You are WORTHY of everything you can possibly imagine in THIS LIFE.
NO MORE that isn’t for me. I can’t possibly have that.
F that shit. START DREAMING BIG….because I am going to teach you how to do this. I live this way everyday. People say I am lucky, she has it made, it’s easy for her she has manifesting figured out.
Yea well I do.
I know you have been DOING ALL THE THINGS..but you’re asking why is it taking forever, when is it coming and how will it get here?

I have been there, it can be so frustrating.

I was manifesting things easily but then some things were taking forever then any thought I was having was coming true good or not. The Universe is very LITERAL! I said there has to be a way to control this…..

Then the MAGIC really started happening.

And again and again. Things just kept happening. 


Manifesting hotline to the universe!

In this course I will show you how:
To get super clear on how to exactly ask for what you desire
How to get into flow based alignment what it actually feels like.
How to hold the belief it is coming. What to do to shift the belief into only being open to receiving your manifestation.
Different methods to get into that perfect vibrational aligned place you can manifest from.
How you can use manifesting to positively affect your relationships, to call in soulmates and to help remove people no longer a vibrational match to you.
How to raise the frequency of your energy field to create a manifesting magnet (woo woo quantum physics).
How to set intentions and they just show up. Period.
How to remove your emotional energy blocks creating those stories blocking you from receiving your manifestations.
How to allow and receive your manifestations resistance free.
How to shift your mindset into a more positive state.
You will leave this course with a daily morning ritual that will get your day started off in a positive high vibration.
I will give you my exact routine and I will help you create one for you to use daily. Manifesting is a muscle and you have to fuel it to watch it grow.
I will teach you exactly how to journal your way to that MANIFESTING flow feeling. The power of Journaling can instantly shift you into that high vibe state if done correctly. You will receive journaling prompts and exercises in each module.
Daily activities to do do take to you into a positive high vibe manifesting energy state.
How to create a positive high vibe environment.
Steps to protect your energy from toxic people and energy suckers(aka bitch don’t kill my vibe).
How to shift your energy stop attracting toxic people and plug energy leaks.
What food to eat to raise your vibration. What foods that lower your vibration.
Keep away extreme stress, negative feelings, past emotions, all can have a negative impact on your level of vibration keeping it low.
Different ways to actually MANIFEST. Even through Orgasms, Yes please! YEAH I SAID IT!

I know you want to know what else is covered?! LOTS

What do you really desire? We get crystal care on what we want and how to ask for it? NO MORE wishy washy stuff. That shit isn’t going to work! GET SPECIFIC!

How to ask for it so BAM the Universe hears you. You are going to create that dream list. 

We will reframe your mindset and so you know exactly why you desire what you want. 

And show you how to back it emotionally so it has no damn choice but to show up!



What blocks you from receiving your manifestations and how to stop these pitfalls to receiving.  Look boo I know it might seem hard but you are making way harder.  Because receiving is really one of the key things to letting manifestations in.  But don’t worry I will teach you how to receive. 

We go over what you truly believe is true as this affects your receiving. 

Where do you have resistance creating havoc on your manifesting and how to remove it. 

You get clear on the importance of our thoughts and heart to be in total congruence and how do we get that. I will get you straight!



We specifically identify and clear your blocks. Unfortunately these subconscious thoughts are the ones messing up your flow! The part that is so frustrating for most, is they don’t know what these damn thoughts are that are holding them back. Luckily is what I specialize in. 

I teach you my methods and several others for removing your emotional blocks to clear your energy so your manifestations can appear effortlessly. 

A step by step process of identifying what exactly is blocking your manifestations. Especially if you don’t know what it is we will find it and clear it. 

Why it’s so easy to manifest simple things like parking spots but money or a soulmate takes forever….. 

Once we pour some awareness on these areas they become so CLEAR!

Now we get you ready to MANIFEST! YEA BABY! Bring it all to me! 
I will teach you different ways to MANIFEST. 
What Vibrational alignment feels like and how and when to manifest from it.  THIS IS KEY! 
Now you are ready to set your intentions and apply your manifesting techniques into action and become the manifesting magnet. 
Wouldn’t it be amazing if you too could have those moments like OMG did you see that? Did you see what I just manifested?  But know that it wasn’t just random it was on purpose.
It is now my normal but listen when I started out with my manifesting training wheels I was still calling in the magic!

I have MANIFESTED $20,000 in 24 hours. I told anyone that would listen. I actually wrote it down 24 hours prior, I receive $20,000. Bring me that cash. Boom it happened!

IT WAS THAT EASY! I’ll teach you how and why! I will also teach you why it isn’t happening and how to correct this. Because loves…..

 But I know you have those old repeated thoughts that pop up? 


But let’s face it, those same worries are STOPPING you from EVERYTHING not just MANIFESTING.

So let’s GET RID OF THEM once and for all! DEAL?
 NO more ‘Manifesting pitfalls.”

So I know you cut up a bunch of magazines you “borrowed” from the doctors office to make that vision board.

Poured loved into your vision board. Looked at it everyday, rubbing it even. You rubbed the oils all over you, the board, burned a candle, did a ritual, burned some stuff, chanted, bought every book on manifesting, tapped all over yourself, ho’oponopono yourself to death. And other shit you can’t mention.

I know you did all of that. AND MORE.

Guess what? I have YET to make a vision board.shhh But I still get what I want.

I bought the board but then it seemed like a lot of work and I like EASY. I NEED EASY, AKA FLOW. 
Easiest way to get into flow is TO DO things you WANT to do, things that MAKE you feel HAPPY and  JOYFUL. That is what really propels your MANIFESTING into warp SPEED.
Now I can ask for something and BOOM it is there. Hence the HOTLINE. YOUR TURN. IT’s YOUR TIME!


I am doing something differently…because I don’t follow the rules,  I listen to energy and I always do the thing that feels energetically aligned. 

Soooo I am giving you your Bonuses up front.

The first week we will start off with me guiding you on how to get yourself into a positive high vibration every day. 

*All modules will be taped live in a private facebook group. You will have access to all of the trainings for life. 

Bonus One

My Course."Let that Sh*T go and get your OM on, Easy steps to to meditation, Valued at $47 INCLUDED free with purchase.

Bonus Two

My Course "It's a VIBE Thing." How to get into positive energetic high vibration, Valued at $97 INCLUDED.

Bonus Three

How to Manifest through the 'BIG O' yep...orgasms. Yea you read that right. Neuroscience explains that during our brain activity moves from the cerebral cortex to the limbic system and the nucleus accumbens (is a dopamine pathway and this pathway is activated with rewards (it is part of the brain that handles emotions and pleasure). I will explain how to do this alone or with your partner. Valued at $297 INCLUDED

Bonus four

 PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP full of support for this community of Manifestors.
All Modules will be taped live, with a full Question and Answer afterwards. Valued at $997 INCLUDED. 

have your own manifesting hotline to the universe

It’s time to bring those dreams you think about into reality. To think of things and they show up right after you thought of them! 

Let's say you know the basics of MANIFESTING?

Feel the feeling and then you will ATTRACT what you want. But you keep trying to feel it…


But it’s not working.
I will teach you why this exact statement doesn’t match most people’s energetic vibration.  

But the good news you can shift your vibe to match it and I am going to show you how! Then you hear just get aligned with the frequency and feeling you want and boom what you desire will come.

But you don’t really know how to get into this vibrational alignment thing?!
 Maybe you’re not even sure what the heck THIS EVEN MEANS? 
Well, it is what all the woo people talk about but I know a lot of people HAVE NO CLUE how to take the actual STEPS to get into alignment or even what it FEELS like to be in this FLOW place.

And this is exactly what I TEACH you in this COURSE.

TRUTH, you won’t MANIFEST what you want..
 If you have old negative beliefs replaying in our mind. 
IT lowers your VIBE. 
You can keep trying BUT you will still end up empty handed.

These BELIEFS, old stories and wounds hold energy blocks THAT AREN’T doing you ANY GOOD.

Plus they suck! Time to stop feeling them! Time to call in that (wo)man, cash, career, trip ASAP!.
 AND they are STOPPING you from creating that EXACT VIBRATION you SEEK to ALIGN with. 
Think about the things that vibrate high love, money etc they don’t play with low negative vibe thoughts. 
We clear these old beliefs. Reframe your thoughts so you are calling in what you really desire. The MINDSET work we do together is crucial! WE RESET YOUR MINDSET TO CALL IN YOUR DREAMS.
Because listen those BLOCKED BELIEFS are have an emotional response that is trapped in our bodies. 
And these emotions block ENERGY from flowing through you and it keeps you from vibrating at your highest level.

But I got you!

Manifesting is all about the energetic frequency you're emitting! 

If your vibe is low or you have energy blocks your energy will be stuck and stagnant and you’re not going to call in things you desire. 

Just isn’t happening. 
Instead, you will call in things you need to clear up that low vibration. 
Hence the shitty tinder dates, bills, and stress.

 You're done with that right? Time to call in exactly what you want because you deserve it!

In this course I am going to break it down for you. ALL OF IT! 

Because basically that is where you MANIFEST FROM. 

 That is the big ‘SECRET’ the way I have never read or watched THE SECRET before but I am going to give you the real secret here…..What I will teach goes deeper than just LAW OF ATTRACTION. This is LAW OF VIBRATION and ENERGY.
So let’s back up to when all this crazy magical stuff is happening to me…..
and even though I believe in the magic there is still the Attorney in me that needed fact based evidence.
In comes Quantum Physics, providing me a scientific explanation. Because how the heck was I just thinking things and then they showed up?
Our thoughts and emotions have an energetic charge. The table you write on, the chair you sit in, the food you eat.
And we create an energy field around us that basically works like a BIG ASS MAGNET.
We call in experiences, people and things using this Energetic magnetic field. 
Our thoughts and emotions create the frequency of this field.
We have energy centers (AKA your chakras) that help aid us in CREATING OUR ENERGY FIELD. 

Okay so that was a lot of woo and metaphysics but as an Attorney I needed to know! I learned the in's and outs and I did all the the testing so now you just have to follow my lead!!

I teach about manifesting in a little bit of a different way then others because I am all about creating and protecting our POSITIVE ENERGETIC state.

Why do you think we can you feel people’s vibe or their vibe can affect us?

Because we are ENERGY, and we have a UNIQUE energetic output.
Our emotional state will set our vibrational frequency and how strong or quickly we can call in what we desire.

The more positive you are, the higher your frequency vibrates. We are reading energy all the time and our energy affects everything.

I will positively affect your energy with my energy…I vibrate at such a high frequency I even blow out light bulbs, mess up the frequency of radio signals, set off all the TSA metal detectors at the airport every single time. I mean I get SEARCHED. Like take me on a DATE first TSA. 


What can I say,

Back to imagining how much easier life would be if you just were able to connect to the flow of the Universe instead of trying to make things happen a certain way. WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER!
Call it whatever you want to call it…but this works.

Stay with me….. You want to call in your SOUL ALIGNED clients?

Well calling in those tribe clients has never been easier… I never advertise for my TRIBE CLIENTS but they show up. I know now of course they do, you sent the signal through the hotline and there they are.

You want to grow that social media following and become an INFLUENCER? My social media following and engagement is powered through MANIFESTING. It grew because I said it would.

You want to share your message on a bigger platform and become FAMOUS? Have your own TV show?


I did nothing to pursue this and TLC contacted me about my own show.


Or how about that one time I said Cardi B is such a badass and she will love my Quotes and repost in her Story…days later..I mean 2 days later…
My Energetic frequency aligned with her and influenced her. She loved my quote so much she reposted my exact quote on ALL her social media. With my name and all! September 2, 2018 go check her IG!
I also say my message is reached and received by a millions of people every day. Then when Cardi B reposted my quote, it got almost one million likes and Cardi has over 40+ million followers on her Instagram and on FACEBOOK. 

And when it all happens, you now are influencing the influencers.

So yea no hustle or effort there, just thought. Advertisers can’t get on her Instagram page and I did with just a thought, just like that.

Or how about that woman or man you are looking for?

You keep diligently describing your soulmate, all the features, everything and yet you keep calling in weird ass people off tinder.
I know you are saying “Hello Universe? CAN YOU HEAR ME. HELLURR?’ 


No HIDDEN on line dating FEES! You get what you ask for!

You can get rid of the online dating apps. Personally, The UNIVERSE just brings all the men to me.  I get on average one marriage proposal a week! Sometimes 4 in a day and daily men are asking me out nonstop…


I know you can't wait to sign up!

You can keep doing the work of writing down pages and pages of things until your hand goes numb and nothing happens, making a vision board, stating affirmations all day (I am a millionaire, I am rich, I am wealthy, money flows to me so easily and effortlessly, I have a banging body) and nothing happens…..except 
You’re only manifesting pennies, bills and extra pounds……
Time to stop the madness loves.


LISTEN,  I hear the Universe is testing me, it hates me. Well as much as it would be nice to lay blame.


And any Spiritual teacher that promotes that BS, unfortunately has NO CLUE about MANIFESTING, ENERGYFREQUENCY or VIBRATION
The Universe isn’t emotional or calculated, it doesn’t have feelings.
Now your higher self, well they may call in a lesson or 100 for you. 

Get ready to vibe so high.


We start week of March 18, 2019

  I am going to teach you how to meditate! 

'Let that Sh*T Go and get Your OM On'

This to me is the key to everything I do. I have been meditating for an hour a day for years. It has changed my life. 

My "Signs" and messages, clarity is on steroids when I meditate. YOURS WILL BE TOO!

Of course 10-15 min day works even 5. I just love it and I go in deep! But this is one of the secrets I use to get into my  high vibrational state.  Plus my doctors want to know what I am taking as my physicals are ridiculously perfect!  
I will hold the meditation class before we start the week of March 18.  It is life changing stuff. 

We start week of March 18!

Click the button above to sign up. There is a pay in full plan and a payment plan, because I know it will change your life and and I want everyone to have access to it! No excuses click!


Click the VIP OPTION and you will get everything included in the plan but ALSO a private 1:1 Coaching call with me. Plus private messenger support outside of the course starting after module 2 and I will intuitively help you work through your blocks even faster and get you more focused on your manifesting.

There are only 12 spots for this VIP Grab one!

This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Hi Beautiful Souls, it’s your girl Shamina, if you don’t know me yet, I am pretty raw all around. I speak my mind and I encourage you to do the same! I am a Spiritual Badass Business Mentor and Teacher, Manifesting Queen, Soul-Cial Influencer, Entrepreneur, Attorney, Writer, Mother, Reiki Master Healer, Humanitarian. 
I am passionate about helping people like you, create and design the business and life of their dreams. I help empower you by intuitively showing you where you need to clear to get you leaping, believing in yourself. I have a really unique gift I know exactly where people are hiding their emotional blocks and their self-limiting beliefs. I help you clear these blocks, heal your story and help you discover your true authentic self which helps awaken your true soul calling and purpose work. Simple right?
I have a beautiful soul tribe on social media and it is growing day. I can confidently say I have done the work and I am not like other Spiritual teachers. I bridge the gap between personal development with spiritual growth, as I believe you cannot have one without the other. I am unfiltered and I am not afraid to say what is on my mind.  
Much love,
  • Where do I begin? A little over 2 years ago I was scrolling on Facebook and stumbled across one of Shamina’s posts…I was immediately drawn in and blown away by her wisdom and clarity on matters that MATTER. She has a profound gift for connecting both individually and en masse…she is able to take the work, wisdom, growth and lessons of her life and her expertise and apply it to helping individuals become their best selves. She is evolved, hard working, walks her talk, wise and most important accepts and makes no excuses about why you cannot be your best self, and will work with you to get there!!! She’s got the tools, the confidence and the ability to help you in every area. I am tremendously proud and blessed to call her friend and mentor ♥️

    -Robin Cassford, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Rodan + Fields
  • “❤️ I pretty much never write public reviews but this has been tugging at my heart for quite some time.

    Shamina Taylor has been such an incredible mentor to me. Yes, I have a mentor. I’m struggling to find the words without gushing.

    I’ve worked with quite a few people. But never anyone like her. When we talk, she doesn’t analyze me. She doesn’t make me feel like it’s my fault. She treats me like I’m her best friend and daughter. She doesn’t try to speed me up. She doesn’t force the process. She’s so stinking intuitive and Wise. I swear just being near her shifts things in my life.

    I can’t explain a lot of why I’ll always have her in my life. Because most of it is intuition. She has added so much value to my life in such a short amount of time. She sees me as a real person, not a number or study. And THAT is why I respect her. That is why I feel comfortable enough to share this here.

    Knowing I have Large dreams, goals, and plans….

    I knew I needed someone that was so far beyond where I was but I also needed someone that knew me without even trying. That is why (let’s be honest) she probably found me.

    If you’re looking for an Amazing mentor, look no further. If you’re willing to grow, you’ll get more out of 15 minutes with her than you will in 15 years. Shamina is invaluable

    Thank you so much friend and fellow sister ??

    I’ll love you forever.”

    Amanda Allan, The Gut Queen, Spiritual Entrepreneur
  • “Shamina is amazing! I would recommend her to everyone. At the beginning of my Law of Attraction Mindset, coaching career as she truly helped me so much! I am so grateful for her”

    Janya Joy, Founder of Prosperous Women
  • “Shamina is beauty women inside and outside I really enjoy to work with her and she really help me lot! She give me very positive outlook I definitely will be back and work with her. Thank you Shamina for everything you did for me!”

    Eva KS, Owner of Natural Look By Eva
  • “The strategic coaching package delivered from Shamina Taylor was insightful, comprehensive and beautiful. Over the course of 12 weeks we dealt with aspects of my business, my thought process and, something I was not expecting, the emotions involved in the growth and development of my offerings in the market place.

    Shamina’s insight in delivering engaging content through social media and other communication portals is highly valuable. She taught me how to be vulnerable in the way I told my story which lead to increased engagement, with the people I needed to be engaged with, my soul mate clients. Taking a social media post deeper into a conversation is an art form that she has mastered, and that includes posts other people make, that we comment on. She taught me the process of setting intentions for my social media posts which creates the magical bonus of getting multiple people engaged in a single post, simply brilliant!

    By delivering a comprehensive, systemic approach, Shamina covered all bases, even those I didn’t know existed. The Flow of our communication is rooted in gratitude and all aspects are connected. As one portion grows, it feeds the others so there is growth across the board. Her journaling methodology has become the keystone for my daily routine, as it dials in my focus and helps my manifest the results I am looking for.
    The Beauty of Shamina’s work starts with compassion. She not only had the keen sense to connect with the emotions that were pouring out of me, she anticipated what was coming next as we worked through her process week after week. My story had years of buried pain that needed to be resolved, layer by layer, and because of her experience she was prepared for each breakthrough. As with her physical beauty that lights up the room, she shines emotionally and compassionately as she truly cares for her clients and the obstacles they must overcome to succeed.
    Powerful and independent, Shamina confidently delivers her unique brand of coaching with the true intention of helping the people who are receiving it… and the multitude of clients her clients service. In other words, her coaching is so effective that it has a positive impact that extends to the lives of people she never meets.”
    – Adam, The Fitness Philosopher
  • I’ve had the great privilege of working with Shamina. I didn’t really know what I was signing up for.  I just knew it called to me.  Sounding like some serious woo woo craziness.  Coming from a background of finance and being super pragmatic, it’s not something I would normally do.  Instinctively it was something that I needed to do.  I’ve worked with some really amazing people, but little did I know that the work I needed to do was some deep healing and shadow work.  She helped me really learn how to get comfortable with everything I wanted to reject and being okay with the things that were messy and ugly.  After working with Shamina, I was able to really find some peace with my journey, be more present, and feel confident in the work that I am called to do.  The path to unconditional love for myself started here.  Showing up, being real, and authentic was something she was able to help me nurture and draw out. Understanding the ego, how it impacted my decisions and learning how to let go.  Thank you for the love and support <3


    – Kim Bao of Badass Women
  • “A walking angel! Her energy vibrates high.. Her work is amazing, I see Shamina often for energy work, she guides me through hard times and helps me transmit the energy needed for my peace. Every time I feel weighted down, anxious or stressed I see her for Reiki! She gives my energy the maintenance it requires.”

    – Maria Carmona-Ochoa, Spiritual Business Owner


You will learn how to be in a POSITIVE high vibration to BECOME an ENERGETIC MANIFESTING MAGNET! Bonus you will learn how to protect your energy and peace  SO NO ONE MESSES WITH YOUR VIBR and learn to meditate and use you orgasms to call in what you want!  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR LEAP! IT IS TIME TO STOP WASTING TIME YOU ARE READY FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER WANTED!


Frequently Asked Questions

You will have access to the course material for life. It is okay if you miss it catch it on the replay. It will be in the facebook group until the end of the course then it will be uploaded to a secure membership area on my site.
YESSS, I keep everything accessible and affordable. Making it so easy for you to sign up. I want everyone to have access to this material.
No. The material is given to you. And
as much as I do guarantee many results because I deeply believe in my
teachings. I also cannot guarantee how you will do because it requires you doing the work and the efforts you put in. But let’s just say… you will have some major shifts and there will be successes for you. 

YES! After each training there will be a set time for all your questions to be answered! 

Don’t you worry you will be manifesting nonstop during this course.

IF there is space perhaps. Contact me.

You cannot offer people your log into access the material. That is a direct violation of our terms and agreement. But you can definitely teach them what you learn! 

Absolutely NOT! Anyone is welcome and encouraged to join. This is about CREATING your dream life with your thoughts! 

Are you ready to Manifest the life of your dreams? No more wasting time waiting for things to come.