I’ve had the great privilege of working with Shamina. I didn’t really know what I was signing up for.  I just knew it called to me.  Sounding like some serious woo woo craziness.  Coming from a background of finance and being super pragmatic, it’s not something I would normally do.  Instinctively it was something that I needed to do.  I’ve worked with some really amazing people, but little did I know that the work I needed to do was some deep healing and shadow work.  She helped me really learn how to get comfortable with everything I wanted to reject and being okay with the things that were messy and ugly.  After working with Shamina, I was able to really find some peace with my journey, be more present, and feel confident in the work that I am called to do.  The path to unconditional love for myself started here.  Showing up, being real, and authentic was something she was able to help me nurture and draw out. Understanding the ego, how it impacted my decisions and learning how to let go.  Thank you for the love and support <3