“❤️ I pretty much never write public reviews but this has been tugging at my heart for quite some time.

Shamina Taylor has been such an incredible mentor to me. Yes, I have a mentor. I’m struggling to find the words without gushing.

I’ve worked with quite a few people. But never anyone like her. When we talk, she doesn’t analyze me. She doesn’t make me feel like it’s my fault. She treats me like I’m her best friend and daughter. She doesn’t try to speed me up. She doesn’t force the process. She’s so stinking intuitive and Wise. I swear just being near her shifts things in my life.

I can’t explain a lot of why I’ll always have her in my life. Because most of it is intuition. She has added so much value to my life in such a short amount of time. She sees me as a real person, not a number or study. And THAT is why I respect her. That is why I feel comfortable enough to share this here.

Knowing I have Large dreams, goals, and plans….

I knew I needed someone that was so far beyond where I was but I also needed someone that knew me without even trying. That is why (let’s be honest) she probably found me.

If you’re looking for an Amazing mentor, look no further. If you’re willing to grow, you’ll get more out of 15 minutes with her than you will in 15 years. Shamina is invaluable

Thank you so much friend and fellow sister ??

I’ll love you forever.”