“The strategic coaching package delivered from Shamina Taylor was insightful, comprehensive and beautiful. Over the course of 12 weeks we dealt with aspects of my business, my thought process and, something I was not expecting, the emotions involved in the growth and development of my offerings in the market place.

Shamina’s insight in delivering engaging content through social media and other communication portals is highly valuable. She taught me how to be vulnerable in the way I told my story which lead to increased engagement, with the people I needed to be engaged with, my soul mate clients. Taking a social media post deeper into a conversation is an art form that she has mastered, and that includes posts other people make, that we comment on. She taught me the process of setting intentions for my social media posts which creates the magical bonus of getting multiple people engaged in a single post, simply brilliant!

By delivering a comprehensive, systemic approach, Shamina covered all bases, even those I didn’t know existed. The Flow of our communication is rooted in gratitude and all aspects are connected. As one portion grows, it feeds the others so there is growth across the board. Her journaling methodology has become the keystone for my daily routine, as it dials in my focus and helps my manifest the results I am looking for.
The Beauty of Shamina’s work starts with compassion. She not only had the keen sense to connect with the emotions that were pouring out of me, she anticipated what was coming next as we worked through her process week after week. My story had years of buried pain that needed to be resolved, layer by layer, and because of her experience she was prepared for each breakthrough. As with her physical beauty that lights up the room, she shines emotionally and compassionately as she truly cares for her clients and the obstacles they must overcome to succeed.
Powerful and independent, Shamina confidently delivers her unique brand of coaching with the true intention of helping the people who are receiving it… and the multitude of clients her clients service. In other words, her coaching is so effective that it has a positive impact that extends to the lives of people she never meets.”